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  • Secure Login ist leider nicht mehr mit Firefox Quantum (build 59.0.3) kompatibel, ich würde mir sehr freuen, wenn eine neue Version herauskommt.

  • Почти как в Опере!
    Это важно, ведь столько лет в ней провёл, без такого инструмента браузером пользоваться намного менее удобно.

  • ok good , i am fine , iam deaf

  • great

  • Отличное и удобное дополнение..!НО..! жаль что несовместим с Firefox 57+

  • Leider aktuell nicht kompatible mit Firefox 58, ansonsten war es ein gutes Addon gewesen.

  • good

  • update needed
    I dont know why firefox began such a mess
    every addon has problem

  • Зачем убрали это расширение после обновления? Так же в своё время обосралась опера. Придётся снова подыскивать другой браузер.

  • Sir,please please update this plugin! So much People wait for you and the other Add-on
    Secure Login and for this Add-On SecureLogin (Embedded WebExtension).
    I implore you, we need this two Plug-ins , but after the Firefox Update we cant use it anymore.
    Please ,please Fix this.This Plugin is one of the Best Add-Ons. Can you please fix it?please Sir :(
    We need this. I hope you Fix it as soon as possible. Thank you so much.
    Greetings from Switzerland. We wait for you :)Thank you soooo much!

  • Отличный плагин, но не работает на Firefox Quantum

  • отлично!
    жаль, не поддерживает Firefox Quantum 57.0...
    ожидать ли обновления?

  • Will there be an update to work with FireFox Quantum? this was one of the best and useful extensions, it will be sad if it will not be updated.

  • Secure Login is great, but is not working with Quantum (Fx 57)

  • Dec 10...
    It seems there's no update planned at all.
    A lil' response would be nice...

  • Great

  • Very good , thanks firefox

  • Good

  • As the title says, while an import function remains, an export function is much more desperately needed. Not including one from the beginning is just lame.

  • Great

  • I have been using this extension for long time. This extension is very useful for me, to login, to generate random password, and to edit old password.
    Because the author recommend, I tried to use Web Extension Version.
    But I cannot find the way how to generate random password, how to edit old password (I DO NOT want to access settings..password manage.....too far!).
    so I returned this version.
    this version is good for me.
    please keep improving web extension version, I will try someday.

  • I've been using your neat extension for years, but, sadly, it won't function anymore with the latest FF version.

    Your webextension you are mentioning can't be installed, because it's unverified. about:config hacks don't work either to force FF.

  • Secure Login 1.2.4 funktioniert leider immer noch nicht in FF 51.01 :(
    Secure Login (WebExtension) ist leider nicht verifiziert und lässt sich nicht installieren.

  • Hi there,
    I really enjoy this addon.
    But unfortunately it still compatible with e10.
    Can you give any estimates on when it will receive such support?

    Developer response

    There is a WebExtension version which is still under review; https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/secure-login-webextension/

  • Use secure login many years, but now
    not worked width Multiprocess Windows on Firefox 51.

    Developer response

    There is a WebExtension version which is still under review