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@by geoff80
"way too complicated" ??? Only if you're 10 years old. Go back to your IE browsing then. Firefox itself is "way too complicated" for IE users.

Okay, I've seen ContextSearch and SmartSearch
and they both HUGELY LACK in functionality.

They are Inferior to the SearchWith add-on, cos they lack:
1. the ability to search multiple search-engines (2, 3 or 35) in the background, with each its own tab.
2. the ability to open text URLs (non-clickable URLs) into a new tab. Example: you see an url on a page like http://www.WTF-is-that.com. And it's not a hyperlink. So, with SearchWith, you can select that, rightclick it, browse to the 'address-bar item' and it will open in a new tab. This one does NOT do that.

ContextSearch is fully dependent on your FF search bar, whereas SearchWith is fully configurable on it's own. This allows you to keep the searchbar clutterfree, limit it just to those engines you need on a daily basis.

Also SmartSearch, you have to build it up from scratch, and after you've done that it still sucks, lacks functionality.

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