it still sucks but it works Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Okay, so now I finally figured out how to get it working. I can now select a movie title (or whatever) and search for it on 20 torrentsites (or whatever sites)
1. You have to create a new SERVICE first, call it SeekCrap1 or something
2. THEN you have to add one or more new engines.
3. And then you ADD the engines to the services.

at some point, the service called SeekCrap1 becomes avalaible in the rightclickmenu, it's not greyed out anymore.

remember you CANNOT delete engines from services just like that, you have add them to a different service. Yes, that's crappy and bad design, but I guess Soyapi is busy with being a politician, so ...

do a search for whatever you want, (lets say, the movie AVATAR) with your favourite searchengine first. this will produce an URL that looks like this:
This is consists of three parts:
3. &type=0
When you create/add a searchengine, you put string (1) in the Search Address field, and you put (3) in the Extra Options field. Then you attach the engine with the dropdown arrow under Services to a service.

Now, if you have a service with several search-engines attached to it, then they will each open in a different background tab.

This addon requires some work but if you take the 12 minutes to figgr it out, it saves you a lot of time and grief and effort. Like most things in life.

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