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  • Most useful extension! I install it right after ad blocking in any new install. Please take the time to upgrade it to FF59.

    Thank you for your work!
  • I've been using this one for years, and as far as I'm concerned, Firefox is broken until it's installed! I wish it was available for Chrome as well.

    It's a bit fiddly configuring it to my liking, but once it's done it's great. I use it constantly, god knows how many times per day.

    I wish I could figure out how to add custom icons to services though. One service I create is for IMDb, but I can't figure out how to make it show an IMDb icon. But it's no big deal.

    Well done to the developer, please keep this one going!
  • дурацкие настройки по умолчанию.
  • Very helpful and handy pluin as it saves our time in copy pasting the word to search engines
  • Thanks For Your Very Useful Add-on!
  • Spent an hour figuring this out, I had to remove the google translate language specifications in the URL. It wasn't passing the accented letter normally and they weren't being entered into the search field, something up with the percent encoding, but this works....


    Good addon, but the UI is annoying. Why two tab screens? Twice the work for half the fun.
  • Before I found SearchWith I was wasting my time navigating to all of the different sites that I frequent whether they be for research, shopping, pictures, videos, etc. I was typing and mousing way too much. Now that I have SearchWith and I've added all of the sites that I typically perform searches on, I am able to perform those searches by simply highlighting text that I am interested in, pull down my context menu and search the site I choose. If I find that I am searching sites that are not in my list of searchable sites, I simply add it to SearchWith and in about 60 seconds it's in my list and I am searching the new site.

    You don't even have to have any text highlighted and you can still bring up your favorite searched sites via the context menu, so that you can then search for something that is not on the current page but is in your thoughts--brilliant!

    The addon is very easy to configure by adding your own sites to the search list and removing sites in the list that you no longer want there. Now that I've used SearchWith, I am not sure how I could really get along without it. It really is that good! Install this puppy and I highly doubt that you will ever want to remove it but if you do, it easily and cleanly removes itself--save your searches first!

    Most of all, have phun!

    Thanks to the developer(s) for this wonderful, must have addon!
  • Does not work in any other language.
    and i want turn off address bar,All service,manage service
  • I was reluctant to try this extension after reading about the author hard-coding his name into the menu (a practice which I find abhorrent regardless of whether it's done by an individual developer or by a large company). Fortunately this seems to have been removed and there are now only proper menu items displayed in the context menu. (See the author's screenshots).

    On the whole I like this extension. While there are other similar extensions such as Context Search that work really well, I prefer the wording of the context menu on this particular extension. "Search With" makes perfect sense and it applies regardless of where you happen to be searching. Whereas other extensions that use menu names such as "Search Web for" does not make always sense (for example when searching your own bookmarks). Also, because 'Search with' does not make the selected text part of the displayed context menu name, you don't get constantly varying width menus or truncated text displayed (like you do with other extensions such as Context Search). This problem does not occur with the 'Search with' extension because the menu item is static and it always just says "Search with". This is nice and consistent and predictable.

    One thing that I don't like about 'Search With' is that it displays the context menu even when no text has been selected. This is pointless because even if you select a sub-menu item, no results can be given because no text has been selected. Instead you have to manually type in the search term (which you could have done using Firefox's search bar in the first place). I would therefore like to see the removal of the 'Search with' menu item from the context menu when no text is currently selected. Or, failing that, there should at least be an option to only display the 'Search with' menu entry when some text has been selected somewhere.

    It would also be good if there were options to individually hide the Address bar, All Services and Manage Services menu entries for a cleaner looking context menu. The "I'm feeling lucky" search that gets done when using the Address bar is of limited use, so not everybody will want it visible and cluttering up their menu. Likewise, the All services is not going to be used by everybody, especially if you have a lot of engines (it would open up too much). So it would be nice to have an option to hide that particular menu item too. The Manage Services option is obviously important to most people (except those who only ever use the default engines), but Manage Services can also be accessed via the Options button for the Search With extension on Firefox's Addons page. Therefore the Manage Services entry can also be made optional (for those who don't want or need it) because there is still a means of accessing it even when the menu item is not shown.
  • Great add-on! I can not live without it.

    Looking for an app for Android with similar functionality but can't seem to find it.

    Maybe you can develop one and earn money?
  • (Welcome ... Ed;)

    If you wanna search 15 subtitle sites of your choosing with just one click AT THE SAME TIME, in background tabs, Yes You Can! with this addon.
    Whether it's searching 53 torrent sites (my record), or 7 video sites, or maybe a combination of 5 torrent-sites plus 7 subtitle-sites plus 13 video-sites, you can do that with this addon.

    The great thing about this addon is that it's really fully configurable, but it comes with preconfigured settings if you just can't be bothered.

    No other add-on has its versatility, the others are all limited to sites that they are affiliated with. Soyapi's SearchWith is completely independent.

    If you do decide to configure it to your needs follow this

    The best strategy is to [first] name a Service, (e.g. SearchMyVideos Service), [secondly] add a couple of new Engines (one per site like Youtube.com/GoogleVideo.com/Livevideo.com) and then [thirdly] attach them to that service (e.g. SearchMyVideos Service)

    First phase - Adding a Service
    1. Go to SearchWith Options via the addons menu. or the context menu (choose Manage Services)
    2. Type a name in the Service Name field, hit Add Service,
    3. Then in the Edit Service dialogbox that comes up, type the same name again in Service Name field there, hit OK.

    Second phase - Adding Engines
    1. Go to SearchWith Options via the addons menu. or the context menu (choose Manage Services)
    2. Go to the Engine tab. Configure one, by typing a name in the upper field, then hit Add Engine button. In the appearing "Edit Engine" box, fill out the first 3 fields.

    Engine Name:

    Search Adress:
    For example, "http://www.kickasstorrents.com/search/"

    Extra Options:
    For example "/?from=opensearch"

    Now, use the "Service" drop down menu at the bottom to pick the service you just set, in our example, SearchMyVideos Service
    Click OK when finished
    3. Repeat this for every engine you want.
    The easiest way to do all of this is copying one of the default ones, of course.

    addition by MyRegs (I didn't forget, I didn't KNOW!;) thanks, now it's even better!:
    "when editing services, you can select the new line of the service, below 'Disabled' but you have to hit enter on the keyboard in order to set the choice."
  • I could not get new settings to work until reading the article below by JeNaait UtSteed. One thing he left out is that when editing services, you can select the new line of the service, below 'Disabled' but you have to hit enter on the keyboard in order to set the choice.

    I've upgraded my assessment because this is actually fully functional -- but the incomplete user interface left unable to operate the settings and feeling a bit like a newbie. (It's so far from obvious what you have to do to make a new setting and get it to work!)
  • Buggy as hell, barely works as intended.

    Problems have been plaguing this plugin for ages, I have installed it a few times over the years as it's a decent idea but I am constantly frustrated with it and the developer (who put's their name right there on the menu, talk about conceited!)

    I just wish there was a better alternative that I could find.
  • Great add-on. But there is a drawback -- perhaps a big one.

    When the key words selected for search include double-byte characters (Chinese, Japnese, Korean, etc), the key words are incorrectly transferred to the search engines and become gibberish. Therefore, the search fails.
  • Has potential, but this addon's options is one large bug.
    By only configuring this addon I have found nearly 10 different bugs/usability issues: it deleted all my "services" from the list by itself (even after I pressed "Cancel" it didn't help), cannot add the same "provider" more than once for most, imports more providers than i have, fails to add new service saying that I have with the same name when i don't, defaults to "disabled", hard to use and understand, even if i just want to use the same providers from FX search-box i need to spend a hour to configure it first (and again after it deletes them all), etc....
    Also, making the search engines appear without the need going to the context menu is a GOOD idea - see "Universal Search" add-in.
    Option to open a search in "foreground tab" would be good too.
    The good thing is that you can configure the search URLs and search more than one at a time.
  • This add-on is way too complicated!! There is a much easier one called Context Search. You highlight a word on a site, then you right click and you'll see a search for option with all of your available search engines. That's the way it should be done. I can search google, imdb, wikipedia, etc. easily. It also works with Firefox 4. I would use it instead. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search/

    Also, SmartSearch looks great as well. Similar to the one I mentioned. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/smartsearch/
  • Sucks. Very difficult to manage search engines, which means you're stuck with the 6 crappy default search engines. Also, the useless soyapi option in the menu is annoying. Bad functionality, bad design.
  • Great addon. Would you add the option to open the search in a new tab in Thunderbird itself instead of the browser, that would be very useful. Thank you.
  • Why isn't this a Firefox default?!!!
  • One of the best things made for Firefox and Thunderbird.

    Select any bit of text and I can instantly get a Google/YouTube/IMDB or Wikipedia entry about it!

    Amazingly useful!
  • If you could combine this with "Ad to Search Bar", so you could add engines easily and use them either from the context menu or the search bar, you'd get the fifth star. But it's useful enough as is to get 4 from me.
  • If you could combine this with "Ad to Search Bar", so you could add engines easily and use them either from the context menu or the search bar, you'd get the fifth star. But it's useful enough as is to get 4 from me.
  • This plugin drives me nuts. When it's working it's indispensable. The intended functionality really should be part of the core Firefox build. On the other hand, it's buggy as hell, and has been for years, and wastes vast amounts of my time. I have just tried to delete one single search engine and SearchWith deleted the lot. It never asks for confirmation. And its interface is utterly crap. A++ for concept, D- for implementation. Infuriating.
  • Nice, thanks for the work.

    Would be really good if it could pick up the search engines (all user generated easily) from the excellent Add to Search Bar https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3682
  • Great little plugin! I use it constantly!