Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Flaw 1 - it doesn't work in input fields or text areas.
Flaw 2 - there's no method of sorting the keyword searches and/or search engines.

The following is for the programmer, non-programmers, and other programmers:

About Flaw 1
It's ironic that all the text on a page is searchable except:

- you can't use it on what you searched for.
- you can't use it from a text area.

It's a big flaw in Searchit. Why? An example is that search fields are input fields. Like the search field at google or the search field of any page on the net. And it doesn't work on the address bar. The problem is that if you search for "apples" - this add-on doesn't allow you to edit/change the search to "apples and oranges" - highlight that - and use SeachIt. A very ugly workaround at google is to:

- do a new search - for example "apples and oranges" [in quotes]
- on the new search page find "apples and oranges" in the search results
- highlight "apples and oranges" and use SearchIt

An example of a text area is the big field you're in when you're making a blog post. You type something - you want to use SearchIt on the text - oops - you can't.

[To programmers] - It would be fantastic if somebody make a hack for SearchIt that allows it to work on input fields text areas. Thanks in advance(?) If I could - I would - but add-on stuff is way beyond me.

About Flaw 2
It's really a shame that sorting choices (and bookmark tag awareness) aren't integrated with Searchit. Alphabetical sorting isn't even an option. To "force sort" my keywords I had to I put all my keyword searches into the same folder. It was a slog and I didn't like add-ons forcing me to do things - but I hate chaos.