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  • Awesome!!!
  • Very helpful extension. Some of the options seem to be broken. But google and bing work fine. I like how you can pick between the different images on one page.
  • Very Impressive tool. Highly recommended.
  • it's work
  • Very useful!
  • Wow, this must be the most convenient add-on that you could find for reverse image searching.

    BUT, like other add-ons, it does not support searching private images (in which case it should download the image first then post it to search engines).

    Edit (reply to author): I just noticed that actually I could copy the image to clipboard and then paste to the "Upload" page. Not that convenient but it works :) Ideally it would be nice to have a server to test whether an image is publicly available before performing queries but sounds like an overkill? Anyway, awesome job, thanks!
  • Awesome
  • Ggg