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  • Good addon, but the thing I don't like is that it has only the normal search, as when I go in Google and I select "image" for a word or an expression. It doesn't have similar images search, and it's the most useful feature. Capture and search is the most brilliant thing. I can select an area with my mouse, and doing searches on it!
  • good
  • Brilliant addon. I did deactivate the Google and Bing ons in the settings because their results were just, or one picture, or reset and returned to their (blank) main search page. But this can also my individual settings causing this.
    BTW, would adding startpage.com and free (as in choice) image resources like Unsplash be helpful?

    Thanks again for this excellent addon!
  • Good, developer appears to be using their real name, and gives option for using individual image search engines - or all at once. Nice work!