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  • I like it
  • 多数の画像検索サイトから選んで、もしくはまとめて検索できる。画面キャプチャモードも搭載。
  • Good addon, but the thing I don't like is that it has only the normal search, as when I go in Google and I select "image" for a word or an expression. It doesn't have similar images search, and it's the most useful feature. Capture and search is the most brilliant thing. I can select an area with my mouse, and doing searches on it!
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  • Brilliant addon. I did deactivate the Google and Bing ons in the settings because their results were just, or one picture, or reset and returned to their (blank) main search page. But this can also my individual settings causing this.
    BTW, would adding startpage.com and free (as in choice) image resources like Unsplash be helpful?

    Thanks again for this excellent addon!
  • Good, developer appears to be using their real name, and gives option for using individual image search engines - or all at once. Nice work!
  • Add a function to select only 1 default search
  • "Capture and Search" works perfect! Finally i found addon that really do what it says. Thanks a lot!
  • I'm very happy with this add-on
  • Just learning very helpful
  • Nice
  • I liked it
  • Good
  • I like it
  • yes help
  • Very useful to browse multiple images finders. Great work !
  • This extension is an excellent reverse image search tool that not only combines all the major RI search engines (google, tinyeye, bing, etc.) into a very helpful & convenient context menu action like most similar extensions, however this one has a number of additional subtle yet extremely useful features or tweaks that make it really stand out from the other extensions I've tried. E.g. the "Search by Image" sub-menu in the context menu allows you to right click on an image & choose which RI search engine you want to use or to use all of them which is nice; clicking on the extension toolbar button opens a pop-up bubble that has the same option to choose which SE to use but all adds in the top right corner the ability to control which image you want to search via 4 different options: select, select & upload (not sure how the first 2 are different though I assume the exact method of image extraction/how it's searched must be slightly different), upload-- opens a new tab where you can either drab & drop/paste, or browse for local files to use, & URL -- paste any image's url address to RI search. So far it seems to always work perfectly, looks clean & compact, & is small/efficient in terms of resources used. It's absolutely great for finding higher resolutions of images, to discover the video a screenshot/still originated from, figure out who/what/where, find other images in a gallery or get similar content/visuals, & many other research purposes. Definitely a must have extension! 5 Stars!
  • Such a nice piece of software! Appreciate your work!
  • Cool
  • Yandex & sometimes TinEye does a better job than Google. Good to have the GettyImages, Shutterstock & iStock also. The app fails a few times, but it's good. I haven't tried most of the other search engine options, but I assume Pinterest should work well too.
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  • প্রত্যেকটি বিষয়ের মধ্যে বৈশিষ্ট্য আছে।অনেক কিছু জানার আছে।
  • thanks for this, very useful when trying to find the source of an image, etc.
  • Very useful!