Can't work really well with other addons Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I do really like this addons, especially the multiple search. It help me a lot. I used to search some words from several dictionaries in one shoot for my job needs. It's quite useful.

Here comes some suggestions from my using experience for Firefox Search Sidebar.

1.> show/not show search result in new window if same tab exist. I always need to close many old tabs, when I using Firefox Search Sidebar to check dictionaries.

2.> Firefox Search Sidebar can't work with WebSearch Pro to use its search engine categories, if Firefox Search Sidebar can read WebSearch Pro search engine categories, that'll be perfect.

3.> Current category isn't useful, even can't work on my browser. :)

Anyway, multiple search is really awesome to meet my needs. Hope Firefox Search Sidebar can have better support with other addons soon.