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  • I really liked this one back when it worked, so it feels unfair to review it after it has reached its end of life, but I figured someone out there was looking for a replacement.
    "Findbar Tweak" is the best, simplest replacement I could find.
    Scrollbar Search Highlighter does it too, but changes the window size during highlighting.
  • JFYI: for everyboddy interested here is a version bumped to Fox12
  • This plug-in is the simplest and best by far.
    The Trick with editing the .xpi file (described below) works also for FF 5.

    4 stars for not being natively working
  • After what seems to be years of tweaking the max-version, I found the addon "Scrollbar Search Highlighter". It is a great replacement.
  • This should work:
    Unzip the .xpi file, edit the install.rdf and change the maxVersion value to something like this:
    Then zip everything back to a .xpi file again and install in Firefox.
  • Thank you for this add-on. But can you also show count of found items and number of highlighted item?
  • Please make it work with 3.6+. XUL/Migemo also offers search marking but I still prefer this add-on because it's lighter.
  • Please make it 3.6 compatible, please! I love the program but now it doesn't work again. :-(
  • Thanks ever so much for updating this extension.
    Actually, it kept me from moving to Firefox 3.5 up to know!
    Hope the extension also works with Firefox 3.6 which should be released shortly?
    Thanks again, FipsW
  • For those of you who never used this add-on, an extremely simple and excellent extension that simplifies finding search terms on long pages. It has been missed for several months while being updated. Without it, using typeaheadfind, which automatically goes to the first instance of the search term on the page, you have to click Highlight all, then scroll the page or hit Next to see if the term occurs elsewhere on the page. The tick marks give you a visual clue without the need to scroll or click Next.
  • The add-on XUL/Migemo (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5239) has the searchmarker function, but I still wish somebody could make this compatible for 3.5+ FF.
  • I used this add-on all the time before FF 3.5, please make it compatible. Perhaps there is another developer out there who could take this over or create a new add-on similar to it. Just make it compatible PLEASE!

  • Please make it 3.5 compatible!!!
  • This is one of my favorite add-ons... but still no FF 3.5 support!! PLEASE update this... I NEED it! It is an invaluable tool for doing research-related activities (and just pretty darn convenient to have)

    Don't worry about adding new features... just make it FF 3.5 compatible!!!

    (5 stars as soon as it is FF 3.5 compatible)
  • Such an amazing extension... Sure beats anything from Google! 5 stars when updated to Firefox 3.5
  • Great time saving addon!
  • Must have addon! Very Handy, and works with Find All (https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/7299).
  • Great! Is there any chance to make your addon work together with the "HighlightAll"-Addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4240) to generate the tickmarks when one selects a word? :-) That would be so awesome!
  • A add-on you must install! I use it for long time and satisfy with it.
  • Currently, the tickmarks are good only in visualizing the repetitions of the search term since they don't move when scrolling the page down.

    By clicking a tickmark, it takes me to the highlighted search term but .. which one!! (try the term "search" on this addon page)
    If several ones are close to each other you would not know which one corresponds to which tickmark.

    Suggestion: change the highlight color of the term corresponding to the clicked tickmark.
  • This is one of the BEST add-ons. Thank you for updating it to work with Firefox 3. It works wonderfully and the new added feature of linking the tick to the specific reference is very nice.
    I was so disappointed when it didn't work with Firefox 3 that I held installing Firefox 3. Now all is good.
  • thanks!
    very nice idea.

    thanks, thanks..... thanks!!
  • too bad that does not work for ff 3..... i loved it
  • Terrific ! Indispensable for my research. Have used it for at least a year or so. Definite timesaver. Thank you !
  • great but it could be more better if user could click to the bar marker and directly jump to the marker location! :) Thx a lot for this ext!!
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