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  • The only thing that I am missing is the option to open the result page in a background tab. Firefox's default 'search google for...' opens result in background tab as it is set to do so in about:config: browser.search.context.loadInBackground;true. But this extension doesn't open search page in a background tab. Thanking the developer I would like to request him to add the feature.
  • good
  • It does what it says.
  • Great addons ! Fast and simple !
  • the add-on works great in Firefox 57, thank you very much.
  • I also love this feature--if I can find the icon, that is. Problem with FF57 is that on the latest version of FF, I can't locate the icon. It used to be visible but not anymore. :( Bummed. Thoughts?
  • Terimakasi
  • I use this add-on ALL THE TIME. Would love a global option to have this add-on open the tab in the background (and an add-on that did the same for Bing/Google.)
  • Why Валериј Ободзинскиј translates as Alla Pugacheva?
  • Everything cool, but why not unicode support?
  • thanks for this.
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