Search Everywhere

Privacy Policy

No information is transmitted from this plugin to the author, or any other known person. However, it does send your search request (search terms, search parameters, and URL of the current webpage) to Google's Custom Search Engines (CSE) infrastructure. It does this by causing Firefox to issue a GET request to an URL of this form:

In short, the interesting bits are:
* this is the Google page we visit, It is publicly available, and the parameters added to this URL are governed by the Google's privacy policies.

* The parameters are described in Google's CSE documentation at, with one addition (agent=...). These are listed below, and described at the URL just provided.
-- url= (the web page you are searching from, since Google needs to scan the page for links in order to build the on-demand Custom Search Engine)
-- pattern=path (the type of url-munging)
-- autofilter=1 (whether or not to eliminate hyper-popular websites from the search results)
-- boostexact (you'll have to read the docs, description is too context-dependent for here)
-- agent=searcheverywhereV0.4.0 (NOTE: this is the special parameter I've added, to be friendly to Google -- it simply identifies the search as coming from a Search Everywhere toolbar, and contains no other information)

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