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  • Сделайте его совместимым с Firefox. Отличное дополнение!
  • This add on is not compatible with the latest FireFox!!!!!!
  • Delsy services
  • Ok hard to use
  • time to update, folks! :)
  • Daria 5 estrellas pero con la nueva version de mozilla no se puede usar. Lo lamento mucho. Mejorenlo porfa.
  • Please add support for Firefox 57.
  • When comes the update for the new Add-on-Type?
  • Firefox 57 support?!?!
  • please update for firefox 57
  • Great, but adds the following warning related to embedded jquery 3.1.1:

    "Importing XUL nodes into a content document is deprecated. This functionality may be removed soon."

    It's a minor concern, but it DOES annoy the shit out of me when trying to debug a script I'm working on.
  • 유용하게 사용하고 있음. 근데 파폭 57 버전 이상 지원은 언제쯤?
  • Clashes w/ multiprocessing on Firefox 55.0.3.
  • It doesn't work with new architecture.
  • not compatible with multiprocess
  • MultiprocessIncompatibleExtension
  • Me gusta mucho
  • Bom demais...
  • module tres efficace, mais il consomme par rapport à son homologue intégrées a crome, énormément de mémoire vive !
    ca monte a 1 Go tres rapidement. il existe deux verssions, les deux consomme autant. a corrigée au plus vite.
    Very effective module, but it consumes with regard to(compared with) his(her) counterpart integrated(joined) has crome, a great deal of random access memory!
    That rises has 1 Go very quickly. There is verssions two, both consume so much. Corrected as quickly as possible.
  • I like that it places its menu item together with the other image-related menu items. It works in private windows too.
  • Позволяет искать по картинке в Google картинках
  • Очень хорошее дополнение, но нет иконки поиска из контекстного меню.
  • 谷歌把此扩展移植到火狐真是太好了!
  • I use Google Images all the time, so this is much easier than opening a new tab, going to the website, and dragging the image into the box.

    The options are noticeably sparse, however. I would like to be able to see the camera icon in the context menu, like you can do with TinEye, so that I can instantly find the "Search with Google Images" button.
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