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  • Yahoo
  • I Just Love this
  • Very poor. It's slow and show low quality images.
  • Amazing inspiringl
  • The 'trending now' should be replaced with: Images, Video, News, Yahoo, Answers, Mail, Weather. More like Bing.

    Another suggestion: One scroll down tick with mouse wheel should transform favorites to trending news boxes (boxes like Bing). Another tick with mouse wheel actually scrolls down down page to whatever Yahoo might want to add.

    Problem: The news section/tab does not show up when searching with the search box on new tab page or via address. But searching with the search box on search.yahoo does show the news tab.

    The settings icon should be at the top right and be a hamburger menu. It should look like Qwants hamburger menu.


    An option to further curate the Image of the Instance should maybe be in the hamburger menu. If possible that would be nice. I like plants, fungi, and sea creatures, BUT I also like dark atmosphere/environments.
  • I love the pics it brings about and it's a new surprise everytime I open a new Tab. In the world where we are bombarded with news and info from everywhere, these silent beautiful pics are a great breather before we go to a website.
  • Attention to Y photographs . I am a believer.