Search and New Tab by Yahoo 2.1.5

Privacy Policy

1. Anonymous Data

This extension will read the following information from the user's browser:
- Current search engine
- Browser type
- Language settings

The extension will send anonymous data which is the following:
- Current date
- Extension info
- browser

The data will be sent on the following circumstances:
- Installation
- Browser startup
- Regular time interval (every 4 hours)
- When a new tab is open

Additionally, user interaction with the new tab page is monitored by sending a beacon identifying which part/feature of the new tab the user clicked on.

2. Interaction with Websites

The extension will interact with the Yahoo webpages in order to indicate that the user installed the Yahoo extension, in order to avoid the Yahoo webpage to advertise any extension product to a user that already installed them.

3. General Yahoo Privacy Policy

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