Good but scrolling speed too low on big pages, scrolling speed needs to work the same for all pages and should be made independent of how big the page is Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This addon is very very useful, no doubt about this.
I use it a lot.
The scrolling speed is too slow, I scaled down the this.Interval by 5X (from *5 to *1) and it had the required speed effect by increasing max scrolling speed on some webpages.
This might not be a full fix, but it works to speed up the scrolling on pages with few screen fulls of lines, did not try fix on too big pages like facebook though.

A proper fix is required where the scrolling speed should be made independent of page size.

Thanks for this great addon, you may want to consider updating this addon by making scrolling speed work exactly same on all pages independent of how big the page is, (when we press pagedown in firefox, the scrolling height on the screen is exactly same however big the pages are, this addon needs to just behave like firefox!)