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EXTRAORDINARY ... YEARS AGO SOMETHING SIMILAR WAS INTRODUCED IN FIREFOX 3 ... WITHIN NEWER VERSIONS IT DIDN'T REALLY WORK ... THE NEW FIREFOX SKIPPED ITS PROCESS AND ALWAYS RESULTED INTO AN ERROR ... Firefox 4.0 was focusing on aggregation of flash mob advertisement into the browser ... the leadership at Firefox of course has changed too ... and this determined them to skip everything else which could stay in their way ... I am suggesting you the following best selection of FF addons used together with Scrollmap for getting the best browsing experience with Scrollmap addon: 1. use Extensor ... is an addon which will give you the coption to quickly enable or disable any addon installed on your FF from the browser title bar (for example, but can be from another bar ... where you have placed the Extensor button) 2. use Floaty Scrollbar ... and with Extensor you can easily switch between Scrollmap and Floaty Scrollbar ... this extension allows a very slim scrollbar ... which also is enhancing the rendering speed of your browser ... about twice faster ... so when you load the sites is recommended the floaty scrollbar in use ... when you read the sites is recommended the Scrollmap addon in use ... switch between them with Extensor addon button available in your title bar ... 3. use LesserChrome addon for discarding from the ""on screen" graphic memory the useless static navigation bar ... thus raising the speed of scrolling in between the edges of the browser window frame ... 4. go to about:config ... type in "animate" and disable animation in browser ... Now is cool, but you still haven't got the point of using the Scrollmap addon ... Here it comes! 5. use Load All Now addon and the Facebook News Feed for example will be loaded before being viewed all at once ... now you have a long page with at least 50 articles to read inside ... and certainly need Scrollmap addon and the above others ... Small enhancements may occur from using: 6. Tab focus ... thus helping your "on screen" graphics activities to focus on your mouse pointer moves ... without a click ... 7. use InstaClick addon and load every new link from a page within a right click into a new open tab ... loading pages in the same tab is done harder because it has first to discard the storage of the initial page and then load the new one ... InstaClick helps you to load them faster within a new tab without waiting for the discarding process to happen ... 8. use Double Click Add New Tab ... to perform a double click (left click) on your tabs bar whenever you want to open a new tab next to the current one ... These will help you understand what Scrollmap stands for ... Previously I had to use the Content Scrollbar addon for an effect appropriate for fast scrolling long pages ... also the Focusing Frame addon for fastening the loading of long pages ... and sometimes More Display Resolutions addon ... Now Scrollmap reigns ... Someone says ... "you should hide Scrollmap in short pages ... because it works using it on long pages, but it stands in your way on short pages" Right ... Floaty Scrollbar ... and Extensor will that for you ... easily if complemented by the others I have told you above :) Cheers :) ... I'll show you a bonus: install FF Rocker addon and Memory Fox ... go to about:config and get rid of tab places history reducing it to a small number ... Take CacheToggle addon too and get rid of caching with no constant effort of cleaning caches ... take Firefox Tweak, Fasterfox Lite and Fasterfox ... all together with the best shooting will give you speed ... (activate Memory Fox only for browser to keep the speed of browsing high) ... take Low Quality Flash add on ... I think all together may make your browser a happy place ... with no restraining inabilities of working one of these addons ... including Scrollmap which is the cherry on the pie :) Aww, I forgot to mention: on short pages DeferredTo faster Firefox web browsing addon will help your browser render only the part of the page you're viewing now ... before rendering the rest of the page :) This will please you with one more time "more browsing speed" !

Thanks! There is so many tips it will take some time to try them all and some of them sounds really promising.