Good But "Fastest Search" is Better! ✌ Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a very good Application, BUT !..
It can Not find the same selected [sentence] more than 1 time (If the sentence can be found more than one time in the page of course).
It can Not find all the matches as perfectly as the "Fastest Search" Addon!

What makes "Fastest Search" best from the rest, is its ability to highlight All the selected, matched words I choose, or even Sentences in a webpage, and it finds them All!!
*Even if there is a DUPLICATION of the sentence in the whole page!
Also, in (Fastest Search), if you click on the Red Highlighted text on the Right top of the page, it can automatically scroll you down ↡, to the rest of matched results, found on the Page!

If "Scrollbar Search Highlighter", could do that, I will install it back again to my Favorites addons. ↺