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  • Non funciona
  • when i click new post it clears everything. after that it will not clear the post so i can post another :( i have to delete the text then post. can you add a button to clear post??
  • Do not waste time loading this add-on; it is outdated by years, no longer functions, and should have been removed long ago.
  • Does not work with Firefox 20.0
  • Doesn't work anymore. Don't waste your time. Should be pulled from addon list.
  • Installed Scribefire on 2/2013 using Firefox 18.0.2 on a Windows XP system. When I try to use the arrow keys on my keyboard to move the cursor within a WordPress post in Scribefire, the cursor vanishes and won't come back until I use the mouse to place it. Not very useful. No response from authors.
  • bueno
  • Scribefire is an excellent add-on for many reasons beyond submitting to blogs.

    I use it as a simple Markdown and HTML editor on the fly, for image links, code snippets, such as Youtube embeds and the like.

    I even keep a tab just for keeping notes and backing up my clipboard. It is an all-in-one, go-to kind of accessory.

    I also use it for Facebook notes. It works for the basic markups. It is a nice place for working on a note offline, and then just copying the code once you are finished. You'll notice that FB just excludes the unused code for the features FB does not support.
  • in firefox 11 [nightly] bug of scribefire 4 classic,close the browser.
    in firefox 8,9,10 ,no work and i have the old version[3.5.3].
    see it.
  • The classic verison of this, while a tad clunky was overall much better than the newest version. At least with this version you can right click and copy and paste, upload images etc.Until that version is properly updated with the same features of classic, it will be classic all the way for me.
  • Although the old version of ScribeFire did feel a bit clunky in some places, the author Chris Finke shouldn't have tried to reinvent his tried and tested extension like he did with "ScribeFire Next." The new interface takes a long time to get used to, and too many functions that made ScribeFire so useful in the first place are missing from it. I understand Chris wants to move on and abandon the old version, but I do hope that somebody else will continue to look after and keep ScribeFire Classic up to date. Unfortunately I don't have the time and know-how. :(
  • Si trabaja con BLOGSPOT, acabé de hacer una prueba, buena aplicación.
  • nearly perfect addon for bloggers
  • A Huge convenience to Any blogger.
  • I love it.

    But if you add Right-to-Left bottom to support these type of languages, I will appreciation it.

  • Do not display the Cyrillic alphabet in the title of editor, message history. There is no possibility to increase the font display in the editor (with high resolution the fine print, but in the header wide).
    Linux, Firefox 3.6.7pre
  • I like this add-on and it appears to me that you have to 'add' the tracking scripts in if you want them (in preferences).

    Hey Developer nice job, but what's the "live preview" button for? When I use this after editing a page it shows my site but 'not' with the content I've added in the editor?

    Also, is there any way to position images (left or right)? Please advise.

    If this add-on could do both these things for me it would be perfect!

    Many thanks, Daztaffyboyo.
  • Be compatible with Google Blog and Yahoo! And cibroblogs like Twitter and Yahoo!'s Meme . What zizee_com told us that worried me and I'm typing the text formatted to copy and paste and then you have to change some things about the privacy of users.

  • Worried by the comments about tracking so tried to open "Preferences" but the button is dead in Seamonkey 2.0.3. Don't know if other functionality is affected as I haven't tried it due to concerns about the tracking issues mentioned by others.

    You have to rate before posting so I have given a 3 star just for the sake of having to give it a rating in order to post a comment.
  • Hi - I see this is tagged with Typepad, Joomla! adn Wordpress. It also works with the Drupal Blogging API :-)

    Oh - and it is great, five stars blah blah blah what everyone else is saying :-)
  • I'm using WordPress 2.8.6, and this Scribefire Blog Editor works very well. This add-on is very convenient to posting blog. Wonderful and great tool~
  • Where have you been all through my (blogging) life?? Awesome! I am not completely satisfied with the speed though. 6 stars if that can be further improved (if possible, of course).
  • This add-on makes your life easy by eliminating your dependency over the third party blogging software.

    Now all features are available with you in the browser itself.

    And it has a great speed.
  • When it comes to browser stuff Firefox played a revolutionary part in the matter of Explorer. i am a Firefox addict i never go for any other option as I have found it very user friendly the thing which makes it more attractive is Add on options. I have found some very useful add onz which really helps me a lot in my work.