Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This add-on is a good concept but perhaps suffers from trying to do too much. I, for example, don't need the video download part but cannot find a way to disable that feature or remove the video button from my menu bar. On the other hand I might find "Similar", "Stumble" and "Translate" useful but can find no way to create buttons or menus that would let me (individually or otherwise) use them. What I think would be very useful is a single menu-button (containing all the elements present in the extension's toolbar) that can be placed in the Firefox add-on bar (or - as is the new way of things - any other bar defined by the user!). I have not uninstalled this potentially excellent add-on but I have disabled it pending hoped-for updates that include a single button or a higher level of user customisation (or both). Good luck with the development. {Firefox 4.0b 12pre}

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