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352 reviews for this add-on
  • Just notices that "disable upload" box is not checked by default everything i have been taking screenshots of have been uploaded to the net ..... not good at all!!!!!!

    Developer response

    the extension does not load your screenshots into the network unless you select a method in the context menu "Upload ..."!

  • Loved it pre-web extensions and nearly cried when I could not use it anymore.
    But it's back!

    Works great, as always.

    Thanks, Oleksandr!!

  • Perfect tool, great work. Thank you very much!

  • YouTube ERROR:
    Set YouTube on fullscreen > Make a screenshot with ''Hotkeys'' > Set back YouTube from fullscreen mode > The page is come apart!
    Win 7, Firefox 58.0 (64 bit)

    Anyway the add-on is super!

    Developer response

    Please send to forum your bug-report and more details about your problem:

  • Excelente

  • Please add option to turn off "Image has been saved to clipboard" notification popup.

    Developer response

    Please send all your suggestions to forum:

  • 2018-01-22 18:51
    This add-on is just perfect!
    My only request: Add a "disable Preview" (like the disable Upload)
    It would be handy when using the menu tab to get the preview out of the way.
    Thank you! Excellent work!

    Developer response

    Please send all your suggestions to forum:

  • Simply perfect,thank you a lot!

  • A really great add on .....I could not get by without it........Many thanks

  • Was a great addon for many years. Why was the copy/paste feature removed? This made doing the app functional. Please reinstate this feature.

    Developer response

    > Why was the copy/paste feature removed?

    copy feature available only for Firefox 57+

  • Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. BEST FEATURE: template creation for automatic file name generation that can be INSERTED ON IMAGE! Excellent!

  • I used Screenshot and Screenshot! for many years. Now it is about as useful as Firefox 57/Quantum as I can no longer designate download locations nor copy to the clipboard without uploading files all over the web. I have moved on to another solution :(

    Solutions: I am using Pale Moon and Basilisk for browsers, but primarily Basilisk. For screen capture I am using a browser-independent program called Greenshot which is actually useful across MS Windows XP, 7 and 10. As such it really replaces the built-in Windows print screen function.

    Thanks again, Oleksandr.

    Developer response

    > I have moved on to another solution :(

    What name for your another solution?

  • Been using Screengrab since before Oleksandr took over development and was quite peeved when Firefox redesigned its Extension codebase rendering the plugin useless. I didn't upgrade Firefox for six months just so I could continue to use Screengrab! During setup of a new machine I decided to give Firefox 57 another try and was happy to see Screengrab! back in action. Thanks Oleksandr! I sent you $5....

    Developer response

    Thank you!

  • .

  • pretty great.

  • sélection dans la page ultra simple et récupération dans le presse papier pour utilisation immédiate ! génial

  • Be careful! This is spyware! This extension sends domains of all newly visited sites to even if advertisement option is disabled !!!

  • Currently this addon has every feature I need:
    - save full page screenshot
    - save to Downloads\Subfolder\
    - save with user-defined complicated filename
    - save on hotkey
    - silent save without modal dialogs and other annoying stuff

    ... Almost every feature. Here are some suggestions:

    1) silent save on hotkey is too silent. The user doesn't see any progress or some kind of illustration that addon is doing the capture. It would be nice if there was the same bubble popup progress report as with "capture-on-addon-icon-click" or some small status text like "Saving screenshot to filename...".

    2) the mentioned bubble progress report popup displayed when user clicks the addon icon (with % and "cancel" button) is nice-looking, noninvasive, but uninformative. I shows only 0% and 100% (nothing in between). If there's no way of detecting the real percent, then the text "Capturing..." or "saving to " would be more helpful then "0% / 100%".

    3) the notification "Image is saved" on bottom right doesn't look good with the mentioned progress popup. Why not show the notification text on the same style - instead of "Done: 100%"? or better show the simple status text (the same as Firefox shows when you hover some link)

    4) Sound notification would also be nice (with text notification disabled)

    5) the mentioned notifications need to be user-configurable:
    - enable/disable popup notification,
    - enable/disable sound notification,
    - select popup notification style (bubble popup, big bottom right popup, simple text status)

  • Excellent Screenshot add-on that I've used for years. Currently has trouble saving some very large webpages (just sits on 0%), but I hope this is fixed with time. Big problem for me is the current save location behaviour. Previous versions had the ability to remember the last save location. It's very annoying to have a set folder. Please fix this.

    Developer response

    Sorry, this limitation of WebExtensions

  • Отличное дополнение! Давно такое искал. Всё просто, понятно и функционально.

  • Reliable, nice and simple to use.

  • It works better than other addons.

  • It is the best Screenshot extension/plugin available on any browser platform. End of story. That said, I knew with the advent of WebExtensions there were going to be headaches due to the need to adapt and change. And Fireshot/Screengrab is no different. My biggest issue right now is Quantum has disabled all Fireshot features on a specific webpage while viewing that page in Incognito Mode. If I view it in a regular browser window, Fireshot works. Also, I am a bit confused about something... the Chrome-associated Fireshot icon is now showing up in the Quantum browser. Is that intentional?

    Developer response

    This page for addon "Screengrab!"
    the page for Fireshot is located in another place

    Very Poor and bad functionality. This ScreenGrab I was using for last 2 years and I think when It is taken by Mozilla Official Status, many functionality like Full page , Automatic save , Shortcut , Save location Folder setting and lot more, all things vanished.
    Mozilla is now not an Open and free Source and I feel Mozilla has lost its only essence of Free and better service and turning itself to GREEDY Company. Mozilla is turning itself to MORON status.

    Is it DOOMs day started for mozilla.

    Developer response

    Be careful!
    probably you used the built-in native function FirefoxScreenshots instead of Screengrab!