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  • Great, saves me a ton of time.

  • Great add-on, but is there any way to customize it to always ask "Open as..." instead of "Save Image as..."? I'd like to be able to use add-ons for customized folders what only appear in the "Open as" options.

  • It's very powerful and it's too easiest to install

  • ... Just so as not to discourage anybody with the identical config, Katie. Thanks, Alexander.

  • Best screenshot add-on available (to my knowledge ^^), but with a minor annoyance: when using the option "Save>Selection", the add-on injects the following CSS rule into the page:

    .content {padding: 1em;}

    Thus any element present on the page with the class "content" will be altered by this rule, and thus the site will not really look like it should when the screenshot is taken. Depending on the site, the change can be quite dramatic.

    I suppose the add-on uses this class for its inner working, but I would suggest using a more unique class name to avoid such unwanted side-effects (eg ".screengrab-content" or such).

  • Thank you for picking up the continued maintenance of this plugin. It's so annoying when a good plugin like this is made and then the author abandons it.

  • Thanks for updating the best screen capture add-on for Firefox.
    Just FYI, I found a minor bug: trying to capture a screenshot whit Add-ons Manager active you'll get this:

    Date and time: 16/03/2012 17.36.15
    Errore: ERROR [screengrab|Grab.js:12] TypeError: this.htmlDoc.body is undefined

    Neverthless, great job!

    Better description of the error:
    1. Open Add-ons Manager ("about:addons" in location bar).
    2. Click on ScreenGrab icon in the add-ons bar and choose "Save entire page as...".

    Results: nothing happens but in the Error Console you can see the message above.

    P.S. AMO reviews is not the best place for bug reporting. I would suggest you to add a support email/site in the add-on description.

    Developer response

    >> 1. Open Add-ons Manager ("about:addons" in location bar).

    "about:addons" not really html-document..
    what a addon's can work with "about:addons"?

    >> I would suggest you to add a support email/site in the add-on description.

    s3 [no spam] smtp.ru

  • Thank you for your valuable work done with Screengrab. I didn't know about your project because I thought that Screengrab was EOL. Would be possible to add the http link of the webpage to the end of the file's name automatically? :)

    Developer response

    In Windows this fails to save with an error because ":" is invalid
    character in Windows filename. A filename cannot contain any of the following characters:
    \ / : * ? " < > |

  • thanks for this awesome add-on =) this is perfect for my school works. god bless!

  • Thanks for this version (0.96.4c), it works with Firefox 10.0.2. Hacks on the other version just didn't work anymore. Curious as to where the "jars" folder went in this new version though.

  • Great thanks for your decision to maintain this add-on ! I was disappointed to see the original definitively abandonned. I missed it, none other beeing as nice as this one to capture screens fully or partly. Fireshot is quite well... but not free refusing to work after 30 days of trial ! A shame. Screengrab does exactly the same work (and without any bug) and it IS free, and that's an excellent argument to adopt it ! Thanks to you to keep it online !

  • Much easier using this add-on instead of loading software! Works well for me.

  • Thank you so much for maintain the compatibility. Screengrab is a very usefull and well done utility. I've only some problem with the pages who have flash components

  • Самый легкий в работе аддон для скриншотов сайтов. рекомендую. Автору +5

  • Thank you so much for making this compatible again. Screengrab is by far my favorite screenshot add on because it works good and doesn't feel cluttered.

  • Ditto's on the previous review! I love this app! Please keep it compatible with all versions.

    It will capture anything in the page frame. I.e. your own web or any file that will open in FF.

    It will capture the pull down menu's while open (most are automated, now) Just right click while your mouse is over the window. To capture the full page just select complete page frame. You can always crop the page later. I also use the CTRL + Scroll to +/- magnify pages.

    I would like a download ver. that worked with the desktop, though.

  • Many thanks for bringing this great tool back to live. I am using it for its ability to capture the entire scroll of a web page. Only few can do this special treat but this is the best one. What I would love to see in a future version is a feature to capture the entire content of a text box or a pull-down menu on a web page where most of the scroll is hidden on the page. That would be extremely useful for documentation and as far as I know no screen capture tool has such a feature yet (even Fireshot fails here), correct me if I am wrong.

  • Once a webpage gets over a certain size (vertical scroll) the capture just doesn't come back with anything.

    Developer response

    Save or Copy? Firefox version?

  • Thanks for fixing bug. I could not work properly without this tool.

  • Thanks for bringing this great addon back on the screen!

  • just want to say thank you. First use and already fell in love.

  • Found you at last! This screengrabber does not want to send your private life all over the social networks and nag you into doing so to make someone slimeware bucks from your loss of privacy.

    Some of us "normal" people hate, loathe and detest such social network nonsense.

    Thank you Александр! Five stars!

  • If I could give this 10 stars, I would. I loved the original and was devastated when it was no longer supported (I used it anyway by enabling the compatibility reporter addon). If you ever need images of any portion of a browser screen -- from little sections to the whole page, this add on makes it easy and quick. I could NOT live without this!

  • This add-on is really easy to use & saves a lot of time.

  • Awesome, this makes my life a lot easier!! Thanks :-)