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Since there is no real support site for this addon, have no choice but to put it here. The extension was annoying with the begging for ads and so on but now it has become quite dysfunctional with the WebExt update.

1. No way to set the default directory anymore or change it, there is no interface present for it, so it just chooses where to put it and you have to live with it. Why? If someone can bring up about:config and set it there, then sure as shit you can provide an interface to set it properly.

2. There is no way to disable upload anymore and it has been set to default to the author's own servers, this is unacceptable.

3. You made a tab for pushing advertisement but didn't even bother putting a way to change important items, such as #1 or to disable #2, this shows a completely lack of attention to the quality of the latest update.

4. The toolbar icon is now useless, since before you could choose what to do with it and now if you set a default behavior, it will never show a menu to do anything different, your choices are locked in and that's it and no way to access the option without going through the addons page, many extensions have the multiple drop down options and better interface but this has gone backwards to be utterly useless now. Shows a clear lack of understanding proper UI/UX of the developer.

As a long time user and supporter of this addon, I can honestly say that it has become very unfriendly and unusable with a piss poor implementation in the latest update which will require me to dump it and find a better alternative. Shame.

1. That is entirely not true. Other extensions do it just fine, you might try and research a bit more.

2. Nothing should be selected by default period, you need to at least add an option at the very top that says "NONE" because you are opening people up to accidentally clicking the upload because of the horrible menu rendering you have, and since there is an option selected, it WILL happen, so if you don't want to provide a way to disable it, you need to provide a null option.

4. You need to test it before saying it, right clicking on the icon simply brings up the Firefox default toolbar and customize menu, nothing for your extension.

As for the MZ forum, you need to either put it in the addon's page, change the support link to point to it, or when you take people to your generic personal page, have it clearly put there so people know, they are not mind readers. Not to mention you didn't have this until 9/30/17 which is AFTER this review, so it didn't actually exist already.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1). 

1. these are the limitations of WebExtensions - you can not programmatically change the directory

2. this button is not necessary, because the images are not automatically upload (and never upload in the past) on the Internet!

4. right-click to the button on the toolbar - select save/upload/etc...

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> 1. That is entirely not true. Other extensions do it just fine, you might try and research a bit more.

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These might be possible, but are too large to reasonably commit too and have too many unanswered security and usability questions:
Writing outside the downloads directory




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