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  • Don't install Screen Capture Elite 2.0.2, Bing interferes regularly in Firefox. Bing is included in \chrome\content\ads\ads.js. The Author is dishonest.
  • As far as a screen capture add-in, it works great in v23.0.1.

    However, the BIG problem (aside from the webpage link to a page that doesn't exist!) is that it randomly (usually every or 3 'clicks on links' takes you to a Bing page.

    This is definitely Ad-ware and very annoying.

    I will be uninstalling as soon as I write this.
  • As others have reported, this now pops up Bing related adware - seems that on random page loads (of any page) it may redirct to a full page Bing ad, requiring you to click through to get to your original URL. AdBlockPlus did nothing to block this :(

    From looking at the source, as far as I can see all the adware activity is being hidden inside the two bundled DLLs - so making it less obvious to a quick scan that this is adware :(

    Worse that this, I couldn't even get it to capture the image I wanted - have now uninstalled, wouldn't touch this again or anything from this author.
  • Okay, whilst the addon works perfectly, it seems to introduce annoying adware popups as you navigate around webpages (by which I mean whole screen popups).

    I disabled this addon and haven't seen any for the whole day (previously it happened every 5 page changes or so), so I'm guessing this is the cause.

    Despite it's great capture abilities, I'm uninstalling it, adware sucks.
  • Unfortunately FF22 finally broke this add-on.
  • It's easy to update any Add-on to work with any version of Firefox.

    * Download and save the Add-on to your desktop (or anywhere else where you can find it later)
    * Locate the saved Add-on using Windows Explorer (or similar application)
    * Rename the extension from .xpi to .zip
    * Extract the file "install.rdf" to your desktop (or anywhere else where you can find it later)
    * Open "install.rdf" with Notepad (or a text editor of your choice)
    * Look for, or search for, "". Here you will see something like "xx.*" (where xx is some version number)
    * Change xx to the current version of Firefox you have installed. Be sure to have the .* after the version number. This will make the version available to all updates for that version. You can also increase the version number beyond your current Firefox version if you want to
    * Save the changed "install.rdf" file and put it back into the .zip file overwriting the existing file
    * Change the extension of the Add-on from .zip to .xpi
    * From within Firefox go to your list of Add-ons and click the "Tools for all Add-ons" button (might look like a gear)
    * Click "Install Add-on From File..."
    * Navigate to your desktop (or wherever you saved the Add-on file you just worked on) and select it for installation
    * After the Add-on is installed restart Firefox and the Add-on should now be working

    I just updated this Add-on to version 20.0.1 and it works just fine.
  • As someone has told it here, using "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks" add-on makes it work, and even on FF ver. 20. Tested on a Mac.

    Hope the developper comes back, or at least makes the code open source so that someone else could continue with it.
  • How do you get this to work with FF18+? "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks 1.3" has been installed ever since v13 but it doesn't seem to help now that FF is at v18+.

    The icon is there, the menus all work, but no image file is saved, no matter what you click.

    Please help :)
  • This is by far the best screenshot utility out there. No matter how long the scroll on the current screen, you can always grab the entire thing at full size (some other add-ons will reduce the size if it is too large); and it has so many options for keyboard shortcuts or what the button on the toolbar does by default, so you can customize it completely for whatever your needs. (Some reviewers incorrectly stated that the functionality is limited or cumbersome, which means they obviously failed to even read through the options for the add-on. That kind of person should not really post reviews at all.) THANKS for the person who wrote about using "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks 1.3." I had been holding off for a long time on updating Firefox b/c it said it was incompatible, but now I know that SCE can indeed be run even on Fx19.
  • Doesn't work for FF 19.0
    I'm SOL
    I can't find a 'screenshot' add-on that works!
    I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit.
  • Thank you Kevin Nguyen!
    Your hack is remarkable; it works flawlessly. Brilliant coding.

    This is the fastest screen-shot add-on, tiny footprint, and effective area selection.
    I think you should take over the maintenance of this useful tool.

    Btw, I edited the rdf file to MaxVer 24.* (just for the sake of not installing another add-on; and to not get worried editing the xpi file later). I zipped the edited jar file first, and the edited xpi file later.

    Thanks again and keep it going :)
  • To All ScreenCaptureElite addon users ,

    Many wrong reviews (only 1 star) are getting posted here ,

    So Pls contribute by reporting it to Mozilla as Inppropriate
  • Editing the install.rdf file to increase the version number does help, but even then, this add-on works only minimally. Users must right-click on the icon, select the capture option they want (complete page/visible page/selected area/entire window), and then click "Copy to clipboard." After that, users must paste the image to an image processor. Only then can the image be saved to disk.

    Way too cumbersome and much work. This add-on has not been updated in over a year and has clearly outlived its usefulness in light of recent changes to Firefox. Time to move on to other screen capture add-ons like Screengrab (fix version) and/or FireShot. Abduction! used to be viable candidate, but it, too, now behaves badly with FF18.
  • Not sure if this is being maintained. It's more than a year since the last update. And it is a perfectly legitimate gripe that it does not work in FF13 (we are no up to FF15). Shame, because it is excellent otherwise.
  • One of the only add-ons that consistently fails to keep up with Firefox updates. It hasn't worked for seemingly months now...
  • Не дождался пока автор обновит плагин, чтобы он работал с новой мозилой. Нашел прекрасный аналог в виде Pearl Crescent Page Saver, рекомендую. Та же функциональность.
  • Is the best screen capture and it is recommendable but updates are not available frecuently.
  • Ugh, their website has been hacked.
  • Excelente para sacarle fotos a la páginas web, ya que con impresor Pdf no quedan fieles.
  • Works great, overall. Set-up is very simple. It adds an icon to your Add-on Bar (hit CTRL+/ to open Add-on Bar), and from there, you simply right-click the icon and its use is pretty intuitive from there.

    Intuitive is good. :)

    And it works great. Fast, easy.

    My sole complaint--the reason I'm only giving 4 stars instead of 5--is that there is a scroll-out notification for every image captured. It would be perfect if there were a way to disable this option. It slows your system down way too much when you're trying to save a lot of pages as quickly as possible.
  • How do I activate it after installing? can somebody help me? what button should I click??? the instructions are very poor - the instruction shifts from 'first person' to 'second person' mode randomly.
  • This is great!!! And I would give it 5 stars but the toolbar button is WAY TOO BIG so I have to use the status bar button instead which means I can't move it. Please please please make the toolbar button smaller!!!
  • Surferby, you can install the official Firefox Addon "Add-on Compatibility Reporter 1.1": http://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/ With that you won't have to worry about compatibility errors with totally valid addons.

    About "Screen Capture Elite", it has been very useful to me in many times. Maybe, as Surferby said, it should have a better version compatibilty control, now that Firefox policy consists on upgrading almost once a month (!).
  • Its a nice Add on. The capability of precisely selecting certain part of the page is nice.

    But what bad about this add on is that each time Firefox gets a new update, this add on falls behind. Why? Several times I have attempted to disable the add on compatibility of Firefox to run this add on thinking that the developer must get enough time to solve the issue. But now it seems that the incompatibility issue has become a tradition for this add on.

    I feel sorry to say that I am no longer going to disable the add on compatibility to launch Screen Capture Elite as even after the release of Firefox 12, the add on faces compatibility issue as usually..

    I hope the developer will be serious enough to save his creation, a nice creation indeed.
  • Does not work for me with Firefox 10.0.2, Windows 7 64-bit. The camera icon does not appear. BUT, I was able to make it work with a Hotkey, to capture the entire screen to the Clipboard. Then I was able to paste that into MSPaint. So, I will give it 3 stars.