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  • I got it working under Windows 10, but had to:
    1. fix mixed line endings in init_scrapbookq.bat
    2. run this file in an Admin Command Prompt so that the HKLM values could be modified.

    Windows Defender does flag the EXE as a Trojan, but in VirusTotal it is the only mainstream software that does, and only 9/67 flag it as such. I'm willing to assume it is a false positive.

    I'm very glad to have access to my existing ScrapBook data in Firefox Quantum!
  • Ne fonctionne pas. Détection d'un trojan par Bitdefender. Après installation et exécution du .bat, l'enregistrement d'une page ne se réalise pas : on retombe sur le demande d'exécution du .bat.
  • вобще ничего не понятно!***((((
  • When I run the .bat file to init, Defender reports 2 Trojans. Too bad, looks like it might have been good.
  • I imported my scrapbook from scrapbook X but when I load a page it says:
    404 Page not found
  • I'm having the same problems as jadams and Groebe:
    Does not work! I am getting this error:
    "Please select one scrapbook folder and try capture again."
    even though I was following the installation instructions carefuly.
    Any ideas?
  • I am having the same problem as jadams 4 months ago:
    Does not work! I am getting this error "Please select one scrapbook folder and try capture again."
    even though I was following the installation instructions point by point.

    More specifically, when opening the ScrapbookQ sidebar it is completely empty (except for the filter icon, search field, and search icon). No folders, not even something that looks like a root of the Scrapbook tree! Also, right click does not allow to create any new folders.
  • 安裝失敗?
    安裝後就 scrapbookq/data 這兩個空空的資料夾,什麼也沒有
    win10 64bit, firefox 60.0.1(64bit)
    有裝 noscript, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus
  • Why can't it be installed the normal way? complicated and suspicious installation procedure. Since i did it, my fan does not stop working, indicating something wrong. On top of that, doesn't work. clicking on icon just brings back to same stupid installation page. I miss the old scrapbook so much...
  • trojan detected by windows defender when installing msg.exe file
    1. I have been encountered in the same problem recently.
    2. I compiled a new scrapbookqmsg.exe file and post it onto github, you can download corresponding scrpbookqmsg.exe file and put it to you scrapbookq folder.
  • Hardly intuitive
  • C:\Users\XXX\Downloads\scrapbookq\scrapbookqmsg.exe 被 win10 windows defender當做病毒
    1. 以前没有这个问题,最近 win10 windows defender更新以后才报警。
    2. 我最近也遇到同样的问题,估计和upx压缩有关,win64版本没有问题,无压缩版本没有问题。
    3. 我在github上传了无压缩版本的scrapbookqmsg.exe,你可以下载对应版本的scrapbookqmsg.exe文件,放到对应scrapbookq文件夹里面:
  • В Windows 7 не работает.
    Открывается какое-то поделие школьника с моловнятной инструкцией.
    Ну, инициализировали, подправили пути, дальше что?
    Я не знаю русского языка, текст машинного перевода можно только угадать его оригинальный смысл. Вы можете попробовать посмотреть мое демо-видео.
  • Does not work! I am getting this error "Please select one scrapbook folder and try capture again."
    need more detaiuls, maybe you can play my demo video at:
  • Here's a small tool helps you guys read your scrapbook contents, https://github.com/victorfence/scrapbook-easy-viewer.
  • 很好用。
  • Don't use if you expect to transfer your old Scrapbook data.
  • After reading the last post in github... I wonder if my problem has something to do with the situation mentioned there about the location of FF profile and Scrapbookq installation folder...
    a) In my tablet with Win 10 x32, the path of Scrapbookq (working fine!) is like this:
    the FF profile is in c:\
    but in my laptop running Win 10 x64 the path of Scrapbookq (not working) is:
    d:\Documentos\descargas FDM\scrapbookq
    the FF profile is in c:\

    I just did two tests:
    1) In another computer running Win 8 x32, where both Scrapbookq and FF profile are in C:\... Not working (no such native application scrapbookqmsg...)
    2) In my Laptop running Win 10 x64 I have:
    a) uninstalled Scrapbookq
    b) Set Download folder in C:\user\myid\Downloads\
    c) Reinstall Scrapbookq so now it is in: C:\user\myid\Downloads\scrapbookq\... Not working (no such native application scrapbookqmsg...); several intents running init_scrapbookq.bat (with privileges); giving scrapbookqmsg.exe admor privileges; replace scrapbookqmsg.exe (x32) with its x64 version; set real Scrapbook path in scrapbookq.conf... Nothing works!
    This is a real mystery... Please, could anybody help? Any ideas? I'd really appreciate it.
    I am glad to help you. Thanks for you five star.
    "Web ScrapBook" is more advanced in technique, and the author of "Web ScrapBook" is more professional. It's a piece of cake if he wants to code a similar software. He is also the author of ScrapBookX.
  • Installed your extension, probably not friendly as expected by most people. Anyway not even so dramatic.

    But what I want to say here are two things.
    1. Saving a page fills your download history with a lot of small files, making it difficult to find your real download; download history becomes really too messy.
    2. I don't see a way to highlight the saved content, as it was possible with the old scrapbook. Is it a feature that will be present in a near future?

    Many thanks, Antonio
    1. I am working in Linux system, scrapbookq do not fill downlaod history with those tiny pieces in linux. This problem do not bother me at all. :D| I will do something to resolve it.
    2. Hight content is an advanced feature. What I am doing now is let scrapbookq works properly and enable users to install it successfully, which I had considered as an easy task.
    3. You can download the demo video at:
  • Doesn't work.. really disappointed es[p. as old ScrapBook is no longer supported
    You should configure rdfpath correctly before importing provious ScrapBook data.
    It is a good idear to read scrapbookq manual page after install it, this just needs a few minutes.
  • hard to understand and do not work properly
    yes, it is. Maybe a new version can works properly on your computer.
  • Absolute rubbish! The instructions are impossible to understand and unnecessarily complicated. Have uninstalled.
    Really have no idear about what is the problem in your report.
    Need more details.
    You can modify your report without reregiste another id to post new issues.
    Please install new version, this may resolve your problem.
  • StealthRTW, А какая у вас разрядность windows?

    У меня всё работает версия 0.1.6, windows 7 x64 https://screenshots.firefoxusercontent.com/images/31fa2079-348a-45b9-8e80-4d17274f574f.png
    обновление GUI
  • Когда то отличный add-on,теперь не работает. При перезапуске Mozilla, после инициализации, выдает ошибку: Failed to create process Не удалось выполнить локальную программу подключения, выполните пакетный файл scrapbookq\init_scrapbookq.bat" в каталоге scrapbookq. Указанное в ошибке действие повторялось многократно - итог тот же.
    Перепробовал все!!! И антивирус отключал и заносил в исключения, итог тот же.
    Есть идея, что проблема с автораспаковщиком UPX. Именно при запуске *.exe вылетает ошибка, не может определить разрядность системы.

    1. установить scrapbookq.это позволит добавить кнопку на панели инструментов значки Firefox.
    2. нажмите кнопку панели инструментов scrapbookq значок.это откроет scrapbookq руководство пользователя.
    3. нажмите кнопку "initscrapbookq" в scrapbookq руководство пользователя.это позволит создать scrapbookq папку и некоторые файлы.
    4. найти и открыть "scrapbookq" папке, затем выполнить "init_scrapbookq. bar" файл, который находится в "scrapbookq".
    5. перезапустить Firefox.

    ввоз старых ScrapBook scrapbook.rdf данных:

    1.найти и открыть "scrapbookq", затем отредактируйте scrapbookq.conf
    2.набор rdfpath на путь scrapbook.rdf, который в основном на "ScrapBook" папку.
    3.например, scrapbook.rdf путь - D:\123\ScrapBook\scrapbook.rdf
    4.похоже: rdfpath = D:\\123\ScrapBook\\
  • Cette version pour Quantum fonctionne très bien, malgré que l'installation de l'extension demande la modification de certains fichiers.
    Elle permet de continuer de travailler avec nos bibliothèques, mais exige de rééditer le fichier de configuration à chaque changement de bibliothèque.
    Une alternative à la version premium de Pocket
    Merci joey.liu
    Veuillez utiliser la dernière version 0.1.6, la réparation des insectes, et la mise à jour de la traduction de documents.
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