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  • This DOES NOT WORK! I have done everything properly to install this addon,, but it will not save any pages at all. Useless! and a total waste of my efforts!
  • Das ScrapbookQ lässt sich nicht richtig installieren und arbeitet dann auch überhaupt nicht
  • 好用,想捐助个几美刀,可是付不了款
  • Virustotal reports: 7 detections!
    Virustotal сообщает: 7 обнаружений!
  • Scrapbee is a better solution for users looking for a replacement for the old Scrapbook extension.

  • windows10系统
    No such native ap[plication
  • I got it working under Windows 10, but had to:
    1. fix mixed line endings in init_scrapbookq.bat
    2. run this file in an Admin Command Prompt so that the HKLM values could be modified.

    Windows Defender does flag the EXE as a Trojan, but in VirusTotal it is the only mainstream software that does, and only 9/67 flag it as such. I'm willing to assume it is a false positive.

    I'm very glad to have access to my existing ScrapBook data in Firefox Quantum!
  • Ne fonctionne pas. Détection d'un trojan par Bitdefender. Après installation et exécution du .bat, l'enregistrement d'une page ne se réalise pas : on retombe sur le demande d'exécution du .bat.
  • вобще ничего не понятно!***((((
  • When I run the .bat file to init, Defender reports 2 Trojans. Too bad, looks like it might have been good.
  • I imported my scrapbook from scrapbook X but when I load a page it says:
    404 Page not found
  • I'm having the same problems as jadams and Groebe:
    Does not work! I am getting this error:
    "Please select one scrapbook folder and try capture again."
    even though I was following the installation instructions carefuly.
    Any ideas?
  • I am having the same problem as jadams 4 months ago:
    Does not work! I am getting this error "Please select one scrapbook folder and try capture again."
    even though I was following the installation instructions point by point.

    More specifically, when opening the ScrapbookQ sidebar it is completely empty (except for the filter icon, search field, and search icon). No folders, not even something that looks like a root of the Scrapbook tree! Also, right click does not allow to create any new folders.
  • 安裝失敗?
    安裝後就 scrapbookq/data 這兩個空空的資料夾,什麼也沒有
    win10 64bit, firefox 60.0.1(64bit)
    有裝 noscript, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus
  • Why can't it be installed the normal way? complicated and suspicious installation procedure. Since i did it, my fan does not stop working, indicating something wrong. On top of that, doesn't work. clicking on icon just brings back to same stupid installation page. I miss the old scrapbook so much...
  • trojan detected by windows defender when installing msg.exe file
    1. I have been encountered in the same problem recently.
    2. I compiled a new scrapbookqmsg.exe file and post it onto github, you can download corresponding scrpbookqmsg.exe file and put it to you scrapbookq folder.
  • Hardly intuitive
  • C:\Users\XXX\Downloads\scrapbookq\scrapbookqmsg.exe 被 win10 windows defender當做病毒
    1. 以前没有这个问题,最近 win10 windows defender更新以后才报警。
    2. 我最近也遇到同样的问题,估计和upx压缩有关,win64版本没有问题,无压缩版本没有问题。
    3. 我在github上传了无压缩版本的scrapbookqmsg.exe,你可以下载对应版本的scrapbookqmsg.exe文件,放到对应scrapbookq文件夹里面:
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