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  • 以前挺好用的,现在火狐浏览器升级后无法使用了,显示:不兼容 Firefox Quantum

  • Great extension. I use it all the time. Please please, make a Web Extensions version because I don't know what I will do without this in Firefox 57

  • かなり使えるソフトでしたが、最新版のFirefoxでは使えなくなりましたね。できればアップデートしてほしいところです。

  • Fantastic and very useful extension. Please update it to firefox quantum.

  • velocissimo e intuitivo

  • Please give us an update for Mozilla Quantum

  • update for suppot firefox 57 please

  • please update this addon to make it compatible with Firefox Quantum version 57 (WebExtension)

    Thank you !

  • Permet de stocker des pages utiles, celles d'un manuel par exemple.

  • disabled auto-update a month ago, biggest reason was this nifty and useful addon sadly does not work on 57 and I didn't want any surprise updates that would render this addon unusable.

  • 쉽게 웹 페이지를 저장한다.
    그러나 파이어폭스가 나도 모르게... 갑자기 업그레이드 되었고, 지금 스크랩북은 사용할 수 없다.
    저장한 자료를 다시 볼 수가 없어 난감하다.

  • Pero actualicé a Quantum y ahora desapareció, please update!!!

  • hope it will be updated for Firefox 57

  • I use scrapbook to keep track of everything . Scrapbook helps be orderly. I noticed that Firefox had an update called Firefox Quantum. I decided not to update right away up until I got some questions answered . Its to late I restarted my mac book pro to solve a problem . When the reboot finished there I was with Firfox quantum and ABSOLUTELY no Scrapbook. I can do anything find anything save anything etc. I am completely Effed,Effed , Effed, ad infitium. What can I do ? Can I can get Firefox 56.02 back , and then wait for fixes.
    ? I relied on scrapbook to help me run my life more smoothly. I was Shanghaid. Please send some hopeful nes or solution.
    thank you Gene Winberry
    emai vikinggene@gmail.com or Chris @ winberry.net

  • The best!
    hope it will be updated for Firefox 57

  • Because of it being comprehensive.

  • best ever.
    pse reniew it for QUANTUM

  • Scrapbook is the only add-on I can't afford to lose, and still the only one incompatible with Quantum. Now several websites are non-functional and prompting me to upgrade Ff. Why no response from Gomita? It is so frustrating to have used and supported Sb FOR OVER A DECADE and be left hanging like this. I cannot lose this functionality or years of data, but it's becoming obvious I can't use this older Ff forever either. GOMITA PLEASE respond to this issue.

  • I use scrapbook extensively and have built my personal resource library using it. I have a massive collection of stuff I enjoy collecting. I can't imagine not being able to use all this as the new Firefox rolls out. I'll be switching the the ESR to buy some time. I sure hope the add-on is made to work with it.

    Some of the things I like most about scrapbook are:
    - that I can save the individual part of a web page I'm interested in or the whole page;
    - that I can link a file to the record and make highlights and add a note i.e. when I find info that includes a downloaded pdf or image, I can link it to the record
    - that I can use the dom eraser to clean up the page of useless stuff and make a clean, more readable, printable item;
    - that I can save a bunch of snips and then join them into one item,
    - that I can have multiple "subject" scrapbooks and import/export between them,
    - that sorting is fast,
    - that indexing and search is fast
    I could go on but basically, the only reason I use the Firefox browser is so I can have the Firefox add-on.

  • Как без него жить дальше? ведь с Квантумом он не совместим а альтернативы пока не нашёл...придётся не обновлять браузер

  • good

  • Under "Scrapbook X" you have the link to Web Scrapbook (beta) working with FF Quantum.

  • Dear
    Will you please update Scrapbook to Firefox Quantum
    I can't work no more with Firefox without Scrapbook

  • Trying FF Quantum since this morning. Night and day. Incredible better memory management and way faster but..... Scrapbook not compatible. Over 25Go of data unavailable. Gosh I need this plugin to work!

    Scrapbook is an awesome plugin!

  • I'm not sure what the previous reviewer has seen exactly, but I can't see any such byte string at the or anywhere in the files I've downloaded (in index.html at least).

    I wish they had provided more information. Until then, I'm assuming they're infected with malware and the malware is doing this as I can't reproduce on my machine and it wouldn't really be easy for an extension published to the AMO to do something like this and get away with it.

    If you _do_ see something like what they reported and can provide details, please do. Until then, I'm assuming this is a misidentification of the cause on their part.