Awesome add-on. Use this almost every single day. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This really pretty much revolutionized the way I store and access useful articles, pictures, etc, that I find on the web. I've been using this add-on for years, and have never had any problems with file corruptions, etc. The Scrapbook location is easily backed-up (and should be backed-up regularly), and Scrapbook saves pages extremely well. I also use the 'Clearly' add-on to clean-up webpages prior to saving them with you smaller file storage sizes and much more neat & clean Scrapbook entries. The Scrapbook is also easily searched, and doesn't take much time even with very large Scrapbooks. I also use Scrapbook everytime I shop online as it allows you to capture shopping cart screens, etc flawlessly....which keeps me from having to print all that crap out to hard copy.

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