boring Save again & again & again - Sort Entire reverse counting Rated 5 out of 5 stars

1- thanks a lor for defining shortcut keys in Scrapbook Option.

a request from developers if possible...whenever click on "Tools->Sort Entire Tree" in Scrapbook Sidebar a windows show "Sort" appears while "reverse numbers" from 6 to 0 counting and we always must wait to complete and "Start" button be ready.

is it possible to remove this reverse numbers or be an option for users to activate or deactivate it by himself in "Scrapbook" option menu?

please remove this reverse numbers counting in sorting feature.


2- also by "Save again..." feature.i suggest define a button called "remember or don't ask me again or similar" for times we save a captured webpage in scrapbook folder.whenever want to save a captured page, a dialogue box titled "Save Detail" appears saying in red line "NOTICE: 'save again' overwrites the previously saved page.'and then we click on "Save" button but this box asking again & again.

it is boring because sometimes i must click about 6 or 7 times in hurry.

please add a feature or radio button in that dialogue box that if users click on it, that boring activity not repeat again and again while saving a saved webpage.

Thank you.

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