request for adding a button Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hello there again.
first thanks a lot for adding a key called "Keys" in Scrapbook options so users can define their own shortcuts.
I love this feature.

and now just a request :
would you please add a button in Scrapbook sidebar that have some options such as "Save Page" and "Save Page As" and specially "Save All Tabs" in sidebar?

I mean that options just similar to Scrapbook menu in Firefox menu beside Firefox File and Firefox Edit and Firefox Tools and so on.

as you know those menus disappeared from new released versions of Firefox and we can not see them but just a button called "Firefox" in top left corner of application.

so those options in Scrapbook menu in top of Firefox menu is not available in Firefox Sidebar at all.
i need them in Scrapbook sidebar with just some little Mouse clicks.
of course shortcut keys are available now but some times users can not use their hands and keyboard.
so need "Save All Tabs..." key in Scrapbook Sidebar.

this is just a suggestion to improve Scrapbook with new Firefox released.
thank you.
I LOVE YOU Scrapbook.

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