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  • Cette extension était utilisée par de très nombreux internautes et ceux-ci auraient été encore beaucoup plus nombreux s'ils avaient disposé d'un tutoriel digne de ce nom. Le passage de Firefox à la version quantum a vraiment été ressenti comme une catastrophe par les utilisateurs de scrapbook.
    Le développeur est-il mort ?
    Ou a-t-il raccroché les gants ?
    Mystère !
  • Absolutely essential tool, I have a vast archive of pages, commented, organized, annotated. Incredible resource (TIP: Make the data folder in DropBox; multiple computers with access to that DropBox account will have access to the saved pages). Fingers crossed a version compatible with Firefox 57+ Quantum is possible.
  • Better of better
  • Very useful and one of the reasons that I use Firefox.
    Please update this add on.
    Thank you
  • Scrapbook is the only reason I use Firefox. If I can't use it with v57, I will either use the old version or go to Epic.
  • Best archive : The only one allowing to store, modify without boring account to fill
    Any chance to get a new "v57" version compatible ?
  • Please dear developer fix Scrapbook for Firefox Quantum.
  • I concur with many comments. This is a vital add-on for me and I will not be moving to Firefox 57 until a version of ScrapBook Plus works with it.
    I tried Scrapbook X but it is too slow and apparently even that does not allow an easy migration to the supposed replacement WebScrapbook
  • Rapide et efficace en local
  • Ottimo addon: aggiornatelo!!!!
  • Please update for quantum!
  • please update this addon to make it compatible with Firefox Quantum version 57 (WebExtension)

    Thank you !
  • Please update this add-ons to Firefox 57.
  • Die Erweiterung Scrapbook Plus benutze ich seit Jahren, die Sammlung der archivierten Seiten ist eine wichtige Arbeitsgrundlage, sowohl privat als auch beruflich. Durch diese Erweiterung hatte Firefox bisher für mich ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal, dies ist nun nicht mehr der Fall! Meine große Bitte an den Entwickler: Bitte Scrpbook Plus Quantumtauglich machen, vielen Dank.
  • The only extension is why I use Mozilla Firefox
    Please update this addon to Firefox 57.
  • Please update this addon to Firefox 57.
  • Dear
    Will you please update Scrapbook Plus to Firefox Quantum
    I can't work no more with Firefox without Scrapbook Plus
  • Will you make Scrapbook compatible with e10s and Webextentions?
  • Its really a great piece of work. Just beautiful. Will be very helpful in saving references from tutorials.

    Great job!!
  • I miss two important options for saving linked pages. The most important one is a "stay on site" option which ignores links to other sites (e.g. if you capture www.example.com it wouldn't save links on www.somewhere.else). I also think it should be the default.

    The other one is "relative links only", i.e. that only links to lower levels be followed, but not to the upper ones. For example, if I save www.example.com/foo/bar/index.html it should not save pages like www.example.com/foo/index.html even if linked from the first one.

    Without these options, much junk is saved if links is followed. It could be corrected by fumbling with file checkboxes (where is "select/unselect all", btw?) and filters, but it requires much work which would be unnecessary should the two mentioned options exist.

    I'm afraid I'll still be downloading sites with wget until the time when this, easier solution, becomes powerful enough to replace it. It would be worth five stars from me then.
  • I used Scrapbook for many years until it became way too slow. Scrapbook Plus saved me. It was great, but eventually it broke down and I had to switch to development version. I used it for a few years and now Mozilla almost killed this extension, saying that it's not unverified.

    Damn, this unverified extension is much better then thousands of verified craplets.

    Today I'm still able to use it after changing about:config option, setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false. And I'm afraid that Mozilla will eventually kill this config option to finally kill my almost SOLE reason to still use Firefox...
  • Unfortunately it doesn't save complete page as original ScrapBook does. Just check an image address in any of the saved pages.
  • I can't imagine using any browser without ScrapBook Plus.

    The ability to locally store pages, store hierarchies, and use RegEx, is amazing, and should have already been part of Firefox as standard.

    This tool is excellent, except in one area "Not compatible with Firefox 18 or higher" according to the developer. And so, I can't upgrade beyond Firefox 17. I still give it 5 stars because I find it to be indispensable.
  • ScrapBook Plus war eine meiner wichtigsten Erweiterungen für FF. Es ist wirklich extrem bedauerlich, dass die Entwicklung eingestellt wurde und die letzten Versionen nicht mehr funktionieren. :-(

    Gibt es denn wirklich keine Möglichkeiten, das Ding unter FF (Pale Moon) 25.1 zum laufen zu kriegen?
  • Great clippings manager, and very flexible. Allows me to tailor what I want to save from web pages, efficiently. Management tools for my clippings is quite powerful with its "Combine Wizard" tool.

    Sadly, the sidebar "Close" button, and "Tools" menu item get displaced off the window, inaccessible, when I load a page while sidebar is visible---happens in ScrapBook Plus. Such problem doesn't happen in "non Plus" version.