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My purpose is mainly to autosave all the the pages I access on the Web in order to retrieve them later just by searching for a keyword of the content and/or of the title and/or from a date range. Like Seruku IE Toolbar from William Grosso did it in the past... for IE but it was never implemented in FF.

My only concern is how to mention a working regular expression to exclude any site which I don't want to capture the pages, i.e. domain1 OR domain2 OR subdomain3 OR domain4.* and so on. I tried to embed URLs with quotes and to set the OR operator with the word OR, a vertical bar (0x7D), commas or semi-colons but none did the trick. Does anyone know how to set up such a "regular expression"? As so many regex rules do exist!

For this purpose of autosave, an real improvement would be to list the excluded sites in a text file, one regular expression per line for each domain or sub-domain. I do know that this feature is an extra one for the addon.

Except this improvement requested for autosave, everything else is OK with me as I do not try to save whole Websites or all pages at a given depth. Nor I am interested in saving all pages referred by one page links. But I could be one day and that last feature seems pretty cool.

Cheers from France

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