Great tool for collecting information Rated 5 out of 5 stars

ScrapBook Plus is an incredible tool, easy to use and flexible. When you are cursed with a slow internet connection, like me, the power of this Add-on to store and organize great volumes of information is a life saver. Thanks to it I can access a web site just once and then review it offline at leisure. Among many great uses, I’ve improved my English and French with ScrapBook by downloading free lessons with all their links between index and chapters intact, and with their pronunciation sound files, interactive quizzes and videos embedded and easily accessible. Also, I’m an avid reader with an ever growing wish list of new books. To keep track of them I save the reviews I find on Amazon and other sites –sometimes combining several in one file– and then I make an entry in my “Books” Scrapbook folder, by author and title. If I have any doubts on what to read next, I just take a look at the Sidebar for a quick remainder. If can’t make up my mind among several books or have forgotten why I liked one in particular, then I have the reviews at hand. The possibilities are endless!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (