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Still one of the first addons I install on a new account/profile. Performs smoothly & quickly even when switching between multiple ScrapBook profile folders containing hundreds of pages and many dozens of megabytes of data.

@yxysm: The reason why your "Update" suggestion can't replace "Capture Again" (IMHO) is that the web isn't an incremental, update-only medium. Very often, even on forum sites or discussion threads, a page hasn't simply been _extended_ since our previous visit, it's often been changed extensively throughout. What if ScrapBook+ were to simply "Update" the capture for a post that had been blanked in the interim, or a page that was taken down entirely? We'd want to preserve the old version, not lose the previous capture during the "update"! "Capture Again" allows the user to download an updated copy, compare the two, and then delete the previous version ONLY IF they no longer need it.

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