Meet the 3D! Developer

Why was 3D! created?

3D modelling, rendering, animation and video creation is growing in popularity on both the recreational and professional levels, yet the tools of the trade appear to maintain a steep learning curve, and many resources go undiscovered because they are hidden, obscured by the complexity of the technology or simply unknown. After having experienced the difficulty in finding clear-cut versions of the many so-called helps and long-winded, involuted navigational dilemmas, I created this add-on to facilitate the newcomers to 3D and virtual worlds with a more down-to-Earth solution perhaps sparing them the expense of time and frustration, as well as circumvent the unnecessary purchases often incurred on being routed away from the simple and often free alternatives to premium tools, applications and resources needed to fulfill the desire to explore "computer graphics."

Over two years of exploring on my own, checking out dead-ends, receiving really very bad suggestions and collecting only what works for me, I have decided to be different from so many of the veterans in 3D and give it away.

I have used the downloadables to which my website links, and I find it hard to resist sharing with anyone new to 3D.

What's next for 3D!

Maybe someday, not any time soon, there will be a browser that needs no add-ons, just suits my purposes from beginning to end. Until then, I'll be dreaming of integrating this little button with a theme and features pack I've been wanting to write since FF 3.6 got kicked to the curb. No digging or endless updating, just the browser with everything I need, and not one pixel less.

I would like to feel WebGL will play an active roll in helping to make everyday browser functionality more real and if there is time for it, I will make this a real-time 3D creation tool and virtual world.

About the Developer

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