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  • Tried the new version 5.2 with FF 28; now the calculator shows up in the status bar but the 'x' box on the right to close the calculator is gone. Going back to 5.0.2 again...
    You can now try the new version (5.3) which re-adds this functionality. It's currently under review but can already be installed from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/scientific-calculator/versions/
  • Been using this for a long time. Love it. For some reason now, both of the ENTER keys on my keyboard do not give the final calculation. The ENTER keys do nothing now.

    EDIT: Uninstalled 5.1.2 and installed 5.0.2 and it works properly. The ENTER key now functions as it should. (Same problem on 2 PCs running FF 28)
    If you have the extension "SearchWP" installed this is a known issue with this extension and should be fixed in its next version (see https://code.google.com/p/searchwp/issues/detail?id=97).

    Otherwise please install the new version (5.3) which is currently under review (but already available from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/scientific-calculator/versions/).
    Open Firefox's browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J), hit enter in the calculator window and check if any error is displayed.

    If possible report this and any further errors to the projects issue tracker on GitHub: https://github.com/sunnygoyal/scienfic-calculator/issues
  • Excellent features, especially memory and custom functions (even better if they support strings e.g. String(a).charCodeAt(b) ). Could you please add a keyboard shortcut e.g. Alt-C for non-mouse users? Thanks!
  • I have been using this addon for a long time now. I use it a lot !
  • This Add-On isn't a requirement for daily life or anything, but it is very handy to have around. I was reviewing the features that it has in anticipation of writing this review, as I dimly remember there being something missing when I first started using this. However, I couldn't find what feature was missing, and was quite impressed at the previously unsuspected features (variables, history, predefined constants, etc.) I discovered while playing with it. Thank you for thinking ahead of me!
  • it would be perfect if it could get values from html elements. I mean, so that i can add values from html table with mouse click
  • Very useful, full-featured scientific calculator that runs in the statusbar. You can create multi-character variable names, assign computed values to them, use the up arrow to see them all, use the reserved word 'ans' to use last result, create your own functions, and on and on!

    But it could use a help file or a cheat sheet or just something to tell you how to use its many capabilities (or even that they exist).
  • There are couple of reasons why I switched back to Firefox from Chrome. And this calculator is definitely one of them. It's so convenient because you don't have to open another app, but can keep browsing and just do your calculations while seeing the actual input figures.
  • Very good and very useful firefox addon, a small issue I did found on it is that Options button on Addons list "page" freezes firefox on v13.
  • I have a few add-ons that do more, look better, or that I use more but I would still call this calculator number one. I'm very bad at maths and have problems with short-term memory, so even just remembering numbers to copy into the Windows default calculator can be difficult and time-consuming. "5,91... Uh. *switch windows to check* 5,92... Uh... *switch windows to check again* 5,923 plus... Uh..." With the status-bar calculator, I no longer have to remember long strings of numbers or even switch windows: I can do it all right there on the same screen!

    Whether it's to check if that grocery store bargain really is a bargain or something more complex, this calculator makes life so much easier.
  • It's Back! I'm on Firefox 11.0 now, and the version 5.0 calculator works fine, looks like it was updated Jan 2012.
  • This little friend was one of the most useful and most frequently used firefox add-ons until I upgraded from FF3 to 10 (yeah, I skipped a few - never saw the need, actually. FF3 rocks!). I still regret the day I did this, as the demise of the status bar also meant the loss of the habitat of this little helper. I really hope someone will update it to be compatible again.
  • It is great extension, very usable. I hope will be available for new version of FF soon.
  • demora muito para lançar atualizações.
  • Since I had the same Problem as LNDM i looked into the issue myself.

    You can download an updated version of the addon here:

    Besides solving the problem described by LNDM it also gives you the ability to freely choose the position of the icon.
  • I made it work for me at least. All credit goes to the guy who made the FF4 fix, all I did was make FF not think it was "Incompatible with this version of Firefox"
  • I still have a problem with FF5 and Win7 : NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND in chrome://statusscical/content/fileIO.js
    Thanks for your help.
  • Bellow is a quick hack for Firefox 5.0

  • great works.

    Plese upgrade for Firefor 4.01.
  • It's quite strange, I can install this on a fresh version of Firefox 4, and this Add-On will not work, but I can install this on Firefox 3.6 and then upgrade to Firefox 4 and have it work.
  • Why the update file is not available for download here?
  • Please download this file http://www.box.net/shared/am184x47p5 and drag it to you FireFox 4. cpaulg teach how to modify add on to work on FireFox 4 on AutoCopy
  • Any chance making it work with FF4?
  • Esta Calculadora es muy buena en la barra de estado, pero Firefox 4 no tiene barra de estado ahora...

    Actualizenla y agreguen una parecida en la Barra de direcciones o donde sea.. ;D
  • Why is it no longer available for 3.6.12? :(