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  • Customizable, does what it says, useful to get tiny .url files in Linux systems (define the MIME type to get quick launching).
    Unfortunately, it seems Quantum will obsolete this extension too.
  • Muy buena extensión lo venía usando desde hace tiempo. Espero prontamente lo actualicen a la nueva versión de Firefox.
  • I wanted to be able to save links to websites in Firefox to my desktop with just a single icon, like you can do in Safari, but all I could find were add-ons that saves website links as both an icon and a folder on the desktop, which takes up too much space. Finally I found this SaveLink add-on that saves website links with just a single icon. It gives you a right-click option to 'save link as file...' and you can save it to your desktop or to any folder. It also gives you the option to make a 'New Folder'. I've used this add-on it for a long time, and it works perfectly.
  • Would be wonderful if it worked on the new Firefox version!
  • Hello developer, is there any possibility of a update for this extension.
    I love the function it provides, but it doesn't work on the latest Firefox.

    Please please update it :)
  • Very useful but does not work any more with firefox v 57.
  • You may find an alternative webextension called QuickCut. It is running with Quantum but it has still some bugs.
  • NEED WEBEXTENSION version -- Great for my Linux desktop!!! Thank you!
  • Facilite la création d'un raccourci web à partir d'un marque-page
    Gagnerait à prévoir une fonctionnalité qui permettrait un traitement par lot : créer un raccourci windows vers un dossier de marque-pages ; mais c'est sans doute moins simple à réaliser ...
  • I absolutely agree with the previous user. I only use one default folder (my desktop) so a drop-down menu is both unnecessary and uncomfortable to use, and a problem Deskcut does not have.

    Moreover, I tried to use this addon since Deskcut is not compatible with multiprocess, but it turns out your addon isn´t either, so it´s back to Deskcut for me, due to the aforementioned reason.

    So I wish you reconsider in both fronts, and if so, I´ll be updating my review to 5 stars.

    Thanks for your work, anyway.
  • Good functionality, but clumsy integration. Why put such a simple task in a drop-down menu with 2 entries (only one of which you actually use)?

    The "Edit Directories" is perfectly accessible on the about:addon options page. It's just pointless clutter.

    Please consider a one-click "Save link as file" entry on the context menu.

    Or at the very least make it editable with Menu Wizard.

    An option to remember last saved location would be very welcome too.

    Looking forward to giving this 5 stars.
    "in a drop-down menu with 2 entries"
    No there are as many as you want.
    "only one of which you actually use"
    Who is it you are taking about? I use both
    Also: One click does not do it for me, because I save links in different direcories.

    "An option to remember last saved location would be very welcome too."
    I think it does that.

    Menu Editor in Firefox? Aren't these addons in their own right?
  • Works Good :) but add a option to set custom shortcut key to save links...
  • Hello.

    I've been using this Add-on for a few months and it was working fine, but now it doesn't do anything. I would give this Add-on 1-star, but I am giving it 2-stars because it did work and I'm assuming the developer will fix this Add-on.

    I don't think the problem is Firefox 47.0. I think the problem started after SaveLink 4.0 was released.

    I right-click on a web page and go to "Save link as file..." and that opens up a sub-menu with "Save link as file..." which does not do anything at all. As Stephen Montsaroff said in his review on May 25, 2016, I don't get any prompt for a location to save and no file appears to be generated. I even used Everything search to search my computer and see if a file was actually generated and saved in some location (Desktop, Downloads, and so on), but I see nothing anywhere.

    Thank you in advance for fixing this.
    Thanks you for the review. Unfortunately I cannot duplicate this behaviour. My configuration is the same as yours (Win 10 with Firefox 47). I also di a complete new installation with Firefox and Savelink.
    The File Open Dialogue opens as expected when clicking on "Save Link as File .. " and lets you save the link file of your choice.
    For the time being I will further investigate.
    Does this behaviour occur with the user defined menus?
  • Selecting tools or context ment itme, Save Link as File entry, is a menu with one member, "Save Link as File".

    On windows 7, clicking on that does nothing, no prompts for location, no file.
  • This addon is great, but please make possible to choose which type of internet shortcut file to create (.url or .desktop) independent from running system. For example we could choose to make in Ubuntu internet shortcut file with .url extension to make it simple working in Windows and vice versa. Somethink like this was described in step 5 of this comment: http://steronius.blogspot.com/2013/01/open-url-files-in-linux.html?showComment=1381104750498#c5572425076854090616
  • Great addon!
    Please add a hotkey (at least for the menu item) and also an option to overwrite without question.
    P.S. Sometimes link's filename does not match page title (after clicking some page's elements or whatever). Workaround is to refresh the page before saving link. It'd be nice to fix this.
  • Thanks for this add-on. What about restartless?
    I look into it, not sure when.
  • after update is perfect!!
  • please add an option for pre-filled mask for naming saved urls, like: "<domain url> --", so it will be pre-filled as: addons.mozilla.org --
  • Great - issue now fixxed on 3.3 ! Thank You
  • Thanks for the great extension.. Exactly what I was looking for; Between this, STF, and "Safe File To..." my work got so much easier. It works perfect in Palemoon 25.x and I especially love that it opens a dialog box at my created folders, rather than just automatically putting the shortcut.url within it.

    My only request would be an option to let us name the folders we add to "Edit Directories". As is, some of my folders are pretty long and get cut off, so I can't see the end difference between some of them... (e.g. "E:\free apps\internet\browsing\firefox\addons" gets cut off at "\browsing\", so it looks the same as "E:\free apps\internet\browsing\palemoon\addons").

    Thanks for the great addon!
    That is probably a good idea. I think about it.
  • This is a great extension, and I use it extensively (especially as a kind of substitution for bookmarks).
    Today, I came across a problem. I wanted to open the directory where I keep my SaveLink files ("SaveLink URLs") through a Desktop label (a reference to the SaveLink URLs folder and the label looks like a folder) which I created some minutes ago (just to avoid having to "drill down" to it through the multi-tiered folder structure). However, instead of opening the SaveLink URLs folder a message box popped up: "C:\... \Desktop\SaveLink URLs" already exists. Replace it?" (the text is not English, so here it may not appear exactly as it would appear in the English version of Windows XP.) And the respective folder will not open.
  • Very useful apps, please fix Please, fix "edit directories"
    thanks for the review. I am going to fix it or will try. A preliminary test on Windows 7 with Firefox 27.0 occasioned no problems for me with my directories. So have to take a deeper look..
  • Cannot edit directories (FF 33.0) ->
    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: "chrome://savelink/content/dialog_directories.xul"
    Line Number 36, Column 3
  • Just moved from Windows to Linux and discovered I couldn't drag a URL to the desktop (it saves the complete HTML code!). So this SaveLink plug-in is great :)

    It would be useful to be able to select what type of short cut to save (windows / linux / mac) for those of us running dual systems or needing to send links to other people on different OS.

    It would then be useful to set a default save type as I've now customised my Linux system to open Windows short cuts in Firefox.