Works but this is infuriating Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've had great luck with this in the past and it's really been a lifesaver as some of the IDIOTS writing web pages seem to thing the moronic idea of disabling passwords save and autofill is somehow a good ides, ignoring the OBVIOUS security issues of having to keep login info written down or in a file.

However I'm having trouble with a particular issue/bug that I can't figure out. Maybe I've found a workaround before but if so it's been so long I can't remember.

The issue is I have several Google accounts and all but one of them will autofill on the login screen.
Usually when I can't get the page to remember my info I simply use Saved Password Editor by opening it up and filling it in manually however on the Google login page for this particular account the username field autofills but the password field will not... and yes, the password is entered in Saved password manager itself, and appears identical to all the other login profiles for that page.

Also when I go ahead and enter the password and login the page dialog box pops up and asks if I want FF to remember the password and of course I'm choosing "remember" and yet when I log out, delete my cookies, and log back in... again the username is filled but not the password.

Note again that when I click on the fields all the login (usernames and passwords) are filled in for all the other logins while this particular profile only the username is autofilled.

I'm stumped.....

UPDATE - I solved this by playing with it some more. After deleting the login info for that profile it still didn't work (filled in username but not the password).

So I went back to the page and filled in everything again, logged in, chose "remember" login details, logged back out.... deleted cookies (because Google remembers the profile you last logged in on if you don't and I wanted to start fresh - note also that this is my usual practice)

I then went back to the login screen and there it was, just like before with username filled in and the passwoord not filled in (note that if I opened up Password Manager manually all the details for that login as well as all the other ones for that page were there) and entered the password again in the password field... however THIS time I right-cicked on the field and chose "save login info" from that menu and proceeded to login.

Went back through the logout, delete cookies, log back in thing.... THIS TIME everything was filled out. in the form as it should be.

what has me confused is how it can be that the info is already saves in the Password Manager and yet the username autofill and not the password itself, as all the information was already saved.

At least I've figured it out and now can go back to my usual routine of clicking on the username field, choosing the account I want, and when I choose one it autofills the password for that account.

this add-on has really been a life saver for me and I find it very useful as I had been using form bookmarklets as a workaround until that stopped working.

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I'm sorry to hear you had such a problem, and I'm also glad to hear you were able to work it out. However, I need to point out two things. First, as it says right next to the form you typed this review on, this is *not* the place for support requests, because we cannot have a proper conversation; I have NO way to respond other than this reply which you may or may not even see. So please, if you need help in the future, use one of the proper channels that are linked to in the add-on listing.

Second, the problem you described doesn't seem to be a problem with this add-on. In fact, as far as I can tell, using the add-on actually helped to *resolve* the problem. Maybe. However, it also sounds like it was perhaps an issue of the username being already filled by non-Password Manager code (it happens occasionally, though I don't know why) and/or the field being focused. Either of those can interfere with the autofilling. But neither is SPE's problem. Anyone else who experiences those should contact Mozilla Support at