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  • Version 3.2.1: Epoch is added to the filename even if you select none. Can't we just save the page title without all the crap?. Thanks.
  • Limited saved text file. If you highlight a text exceeding 16kb of data, it will just disregard that excess data.
  • I had some trouble figuring out how to get it to work in Firefox Quantum at first, but after reinstalling it, the extension seems to function nicely. The icon in the top right corner of the screen doesn't do anything (unless I'm not understanding something about its purpose), but that doesn't matter so much to me because I find using the context menu more convenient anyway. This extension is very handy and extremely useful whenever I want to save text on the fly. I've used it extensively in previous versions of Firefox, and I'm glad to see that you have put work into making it available in Quantum.
    Thanks for the review!
  • You can no longer add your current text to an ongoing "list" of saved text in a single lengthening document, you just get "(1)" to "(109)" in your (109) tiny titles. You can ask for and receive a dialog box pop-up to choose where to save you file BUT you can't set anything but the default "Downloads" as your own "default." Such a my folder in Downloads called Text-to-File Web Docs folder.
    I give version 2.73 SIX stars and use it on my older computers with love and abandon. But for my needs I have to give all the versions since 2.73 (Firefox 57+) a very frustrating zero.
    If it gets its old power back I will re-review in glowing terms, but right now it's just frustrating to open dozens (109 files today) to combine them by hand for web research on a particular topic. EXTRA: Now it doesn't even change the titles (109) to (110) for you to save; you have to rename each file by hand.

    [made as an addendum on 8-16-2018, 6:00 PM EDT: Avalon27703]

    Mr. Byrne,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me exactly where the problems between your Add-On and the new and "improved" Firefox releases reside. I have had similar experiences with several other of my favorite and most useful Add-Ons. I'm sorry Firefox/Mozilla is giving you (and so many of us) so much trouble and though I wish you could make Save Text To File glorious again I understand why it would just be a lot of trouble. And it makes me sad.
    For my part I may have a work-around (I haven't looked at the dangers yet) to be able to use 2.73 on my computers with newer OS's. For times when I'm specifically doing dedicated subject research where your work is so helpful I'm just going to reinstall a pre-FF-57 browser and work from there. If your Add-On is as important to others as it is to me perhaps my idea will resonate with some other users. Or maybe when I try I will accidentally have both browsers running at the same time on my computer and smoke will start to fill the room.
    I am grateful for your great works! And again for anyone reading, I give version 2.73 a solid SIX stars out of five.
    Thank you for giving me so much of your time,
    Robert (Avalon27703)
    The reason for the limited features in latest versions is due to how Firefox itself has been re-architected. Firefox has removed a number of key API that this extension originally used as they do not plan on re-adding them unfortunately.

    For more information see:
  • Heeft veel teksten voor me gered.
  • This extension recently began saving only the first 17KB if the selected text. This makes the extension unusable for my needs. I want to select long form articles and save them for offline reading. These articles are often longer than 17KB. Previously the extension worked great for me, and never truncated the selected text. (I am using Windows 10 and FF 59.0.2 (64 bit).
  • it works fine in firefox 56.0 but when i update firefox its not work some website but previous was working well .please solve this
  • Compared to the pre-57 Firefox version, this one sucks.

    I used this add-on before F. 57.0 and gave it 5-stars. I was waiting for a version for Firefox 57. I'm glad Save-Text-to-File 3.1 finally arrived. I do use it daily.

    However, I'm disappointed in this release. Simple, but valuable features have been left out. Most importantly, you can't designate a your own default directory for the text files. Instead, they all go into the download directory by default. I could only change the directory for the current message, not for all. Why?

    Moreover, you can't tell it to append text to an existing file. STtF 3.1 also isn't intelligent enough to put a number on successive text files made on the same day from the same site.

    The app had all of these features before. They would seem simple enough, why have they disappeared?

    I was disappointed enough to be tempted to give this two stars, but that implies I don't use this add-on. In fact, even with its missing features, I still do. It has 50% of what I need and I can work around the rest.

    It's just functional enough to be useful.
  • Simple and effective.
  • IMHO there is a misconception in how the prefix options are coded.

    If you add a "Filename prefix", let's say "AA - " and also check the "Prefix filename with page title" the result should be:
    "AA - 'Page Title'" instead of "'Page Title' AA - " that is how it currently works.

    Besides, it is not possible to left the "File name prefix" blank. I cheat the extension adding an space.
    'File name prefix' is no longer required in v3.2.1
  • сохраняет почему то не больше 29кб текста
  • It's cool! Now it is clear where the preservation.
  • Now: "Error occured" (version: jan. 25.) :@
    That was my favorite addition. <3
    I was looking forward to updating but I did not know it was ready for the new Firefox. What I tried (today, January 18) is no longer working with 57.x: (((
    I'm looking forward to the fix and the 5 stars!
    Suggestion: not just a right mouse button but also a keyboard combination (shortcut) save (like the old times)
  • Es sencilla y sin vueltas, hace lo que tiene que hacer para mi es perfecta.
  • On Windows 10 64-bit 1709, Firefox 57.0.4 this add-on does not work. When I right-click on the selected text and chose "Save text to file" all I get is a pop-up that informs me that text has been saved. Where??? In the add-on preferences i have checked "Show directory selection dialog", but this option does not work. I do not get directory selection, just a fake pop-pup. The file is not getting saved in Downloads directory in Windows 10 as a picture shows. It is going to never-never, if at all.

    Update: to make it work I had choose "Uniquify" in the "If file exists" dropdown dialog box. Now it does exactly as it says. Thanks.
  • Unfortunately this five-stars addon doesn't work at this moment. Fix it please!!!
  • I have used this addon for months, very useful to have for fast saving. Easy and light weight. Thank you for keeping this add free.
  • This rating is for the version 2.7.3. This version has features where I can customise a lot of stuff like shortcut keys,file format, date format, etc. The only reason why I haven't updated to version 57 of firefox is that many of the super productive add-ons I use on a regular basis haven't been updated. Of all the addons, I love this text clipping tool (i.e. v. 2.7.3), and I fail to understand why v 3.0 lacks all of the above features. Until then I will continue to use the previous version.
    The reason v3.0 does not contain the same features as v2.7.3 is that Firefox changed its internal addon API and removed a lot of features, preventing developers to use them anymore.
    So this was a change forced on addon developers by Firefox, hence why you mention many other addons have not updated, probably because their functionality is no longer possible with latest Firefox.
  • Not works preferences ! Fake notification !
  • excelllent works great in firefox 57 :D
    well recommended
    thank you so much
  • Очень удобное расширение. Выделить какой нибудь текст и тут же сохранить на компьютере!!!! Много настроек Надеюсь что в 57 firefoxe будет это расширение.
  • 57 pls!
  • Great extension -
    Will this be Compatible with Firefox 57+ (or will it just stop working?)
  • Seemed to be working a dream when I installed it but when I came back to firefox the icon was missing and the context menu entries. I had to go into its preferences to get them back but they didn't stay there. It's great but this is a huge setback.
  • A must add-on for me, after dumping all other browsers and installing Waterfox 64-bit it's running 100% out of the box.
    What a relief.