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110 reviews for this add-on
  • How much plug-in is the executable? In what language or technology did they create it? How can I contact the developer to clarify the commercial use?

  • First usage, worked out of the box. Didn't save the hrefs on the page but that's ok and it's more than enough for what I needed. Will update in the future as I'm using it but so far so good for now.

    Kudos to the devs, this surely works way better than firefox option to save a full webpage, and that's a pro for sure.

  • Nothing like UnMHT.
    And I don't see the "save whole page" in the right click menu.

    Developer response

    Save Page WE is designed to save a web page as currently displayed. This is almost identical UnMHT's save 'Current State'. There is currently no equivalent to UnMHT's save 'Original File'. It would be possible to add this feature to Save Page WE, but not many users have requested this feature.

  • This addon is mediocre. Nowhere near as good as UNMHT was, but that one didn't get updated to work with these newer versions of FF, and that's a big loss. Save Page WE can't save this or that; I'm constantly getting messages about it not being able to save some part or parts of the page, and sometimes it doesn't save anything at all--it just doesn't respond to any attempts to save a page! You'll see the floppy disk icon change color which indicates you've clicked it to save something, but nothing happens. All I can say is, I never had these problems with UNMHT, which saved everything. Worse yet, I look for some other addon that might do the same thing, but I find nothing! The only solution I could think of was to download a portable version of FF v56 and download UNMHT for it, as well as some other addons that haven't been updated for FF. Meh.

    Developer response

    Save Page WE is designed to save a web page as currently displayed. This is almost identical UnMHT's save 'Current State'. There is currently no equivalent to UnMHT's save 'Original File'. It would be possible to add this feature to Save Page WE, but not many users have requested this feature.

    With regards to Save Page WE not saving pages, please can you provide a link to a page that is not saved. Please email to:

  • Perfect for our needs, and able to be used right out-of-the-box!

    We backup created content hourly, and until this extension, we've simply been copy-pasting into a Google Doc (unlimited storage, formatting, etc. - rudimentary, sure, but effective).

    This saves the page exactly as it appears in a browser, to a single, cross-browser-compatible file (rather than a folder of files & main htm file, such as "Save Page As" in Firefox Menu). One click, and the full file is saved in Downloads (by default).

    File size appears to range from 1-3mb (obviously site / page dependent) - point being, it's consistent, manageable, and not filled with unnecessary options or ads.

    Kudos, DW-dev, and thank you!

  • It doesn't save the whole page, only the things that are currently displayed in the browser window. This is not what I expected from an addon with the name "Save Page".

    Developer response

    Save Page WE is designed to save a web page as currently displayed. The documentation on the Save Page WE homepage on Mozilla Add-ons did not make this completely clear. The documentation has now been updated.

  • Better than mht format, I like this tool.

  • enables single file save and includes url pointer to the source

  • Very handy. Great for archiving things locally to your computer.

  • This does not work as well as unMHT. When I save pages from the UK Met Office e.g. with SPWE I cannot open the tabs for the days of the week. But it works perfectly with unMHT. This add-on does not deserve even a single star.

    Developer response

    Save Page WE is designed to save the current state of a web page ‒ as it is currently displayed.

  • Thanks a lot for the prompt feedback! Setting the Referrer Header helped in this case!

    Developer response

    To resolve this problem, please try either or both of these solutions:
    ‒ Scroll to the bottom of the page, to force images to load, before using Save Page WE.
    ‒ Set the Referer Header option to "Send referer header with origin and path".

  • Приложение удобное, т.к. позволяет сохранить один компактный файл, который можно открыть даже в другом браузере. Но, у дополнения есть очень большой "минус" в отличие от UnMHT. При избытке на многих страницах материала (рекламы и т.п.) оно не позволяет сохранять отдельные выделенные элементы страницы.

    Developer response

    You can use an add-on, such as AdBlock Plus, to remove unwanted advertisements.

  • Really sad that unMHT died, it was better, for instance allowing the saving of multiple tabs. Also this one is lacking documentation - there's no explanation of the special fields in Saved File Name. Is there any way to customize them and are there any fields beyond doman, date and time?

    Developer response

    The only fields available are %DOMAIN%, %DATE% and %TIME%. These fields may appear in any order in the file name prefix and/or suffix, together with normal text.

  • many times can not save pictures, eg:articles of not as good as unMHT.

    Developer response

    Save Page WE always saves the current state of the web page. This means Save Page WE will only save images that have already been loaded.

    Just scroll to the bottom of the page, to force images to load, before using Save Page WE.

  • This should be included as a standard Firefox feature ... like they did with Pocket.
    It's just amazing ... keep up the good work!

  • excellent extension...only 1 thing I miss: in UNMHT you had the option to save multiple tabs as .mht at once (either as a single-file mht or one mht file per page). COuld you please implement this option too?

  • Fantastic!! Saving one single web page used to leave dozens or even hundreds of small files in a folder that could get separated from the html. Now it is ALL IN ONE DOCUMENT. What an improvement! I wish I had this years ago. I only wish I could go back and convert my old ones into this format.

  • Why there is no choice of a folder for saving a file?
    Почему нет выбора папки для сохранения файла?

    Developer response

    Please follow these steps:
    1. On the Firefox main menu bar, select ‘Tools’ and then ‘Options’.
    2. Scroll down to the ‘Files and Applications’ section.
    3. Set the ‘Downloads’ option to ‘Always ask you where to save files’.

    Now when you use Save Page WE:
    1. A popup window will open with two options: ‘Open with’ and ‘Save File’.
    2. To save the file, select ‘Save File’ and click on ‘OK’.
    3. A 'Save As' window will open allowing you to choose where to save the file.

  • Prior to your update of this add-on, I could save any .xml page as a single .html file with a single click. As of 5/19/18, I get an error message, it won't save it at all, and much time spent setting the options on the add on is fruitless. I have relied on this add-on for months to simply convert my newsfeed xml to a single html document for viewing online, and I've pointed search engines to this html file. Now this add on doesn't work do this at all, and I'm spending time on a Sunday I needed to spend elsewhere trying to fix something that wasn't broken to begin with. Please re-enable this capability with the awareness that I am experiencing real and significant harm by relying on an add-on your making it available invited me to use only to suffer precisely because I accepted your invitation to use it. By any reasonable standard, that's not good.

    Developer response

    The first thing to say is that Save Page WE is designed to save HTML pages, not XML pages.

    With Save Page WE 9.7 & 9.8, it was possible to save XML pages providing the 'new save method' option was enabled. Unfortunately, some problems were found with the 'new save method', so it was removed in Save Page WE 9.9, and it is no longer possible to save XML pages. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • More useful than default saving.

  • Can't send email to your address

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't save personal entries and comments on any website, so disappointing.
    It also has some issues with certain websites like ebay.

  • very good

  • It works very well. It fails, sometimes, only in saving the typeface of the page, but with the right configuration* the information (text and images) is always stored. * I have set it to save "Chosen items" and chose "Html object and embed files".

  • It saves all the information of a website if needed, including links and hypertext.
    The only minus is:
    unHMTL or MAFF also saved the address of the original webpage.
    In "Save page WE" I cannot find this.

    Developer response

    If you want to automatically display the address of the original web page when the saved page is opened, then enable the 'Include information bar at top of page' option.

    Alternatively, you can use the 'View Saved Page Info' button/context menu command to display a lot of information about the saved file, including the address of the original web page.