Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It has potential but there are bugs/missing options that makes it hard to use.

1. Save Images from the tab doesnt check if the same picture is used multiple times.
Number - Length > Duplicate with numbers
Overwrite > Same Picture stores itself X Times
Prompt > It asks you to store your Picture X times
Ignore > If you store from a different Site files get ignored even if its a different picture
Url and/or MD5 check would fix this without leaving duplicate name (different picture) out

2. Folder Options needs improvements for last download folder because this works only properly if you force saving in the directory you want the files to store
Adding the option to ASK before storing would help. Also to configure a key combination to set the dl folder would be nice.
3. File Names, Asking is good, but the directory is always blank

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Review reply

All the options for "Duplicate Files" work as intended. By what I understand from your review, I suggest that you check "Append the tab title to the Save Folder" or "Append image url folder structure to Save Folder" so that duplicate images are saved in different folders.

I will add options for items (2) and (3) and fix the bug for "last download folder" when prompted for a file name and the "Folder" is blank.