390 reviews for this add-on
  • This is the best tool so far, i hope for an update to work with Firefox Quantum
  • this is so good, please update to work on lasted version of FF
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum.
  • god job
  • This is simply the most useful add-on I have used.
    Waiting to upgrade firefox for this.

    If it is possible to get this to work with FFQ and keep its design and function the same...I am there!
  • PLEASE, make a version for the latest Firefox. We NEED this extension.
  • I am rating this a 5 in the hopes the developer will either 1) update it or 2) send me the source code so I can update it. The author will retain all rights to the software, I just want to update it.
  • One of those extensions that you can't live without if you download a lot of pictures. Just amazing. Wish it was available in other browsers too.
  • blablasbla
  • Bunisimoooo
  • this app worked amazingly... wish i hadnt updated firefox :(, cant install now.
  • Very suspicious that people rate this add-on with five stars, even though it's not compatible with the latest Firefox version anymore.
  • muchas opciones y automatizaciones, como seleccionar x links para abrir las imagenes, salvar de pestañas etc
  • loved this add-on, please update if you can! even a paid version i'd support
  • gooooodddddddd plz update!!!!
  • I simply love this add-on. It is the best of it's kind out there. However it is no longer compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Please, please, please create a new one.
  • Please update for firefox 57+ / Quantum!
    Does anybody know a decent replacement?
  • update please. compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • Please bring it back. Easily one of the three best extensions I've ever used on Firefox.
  • I loved this app quite a bit, it worked perfectly for my needs.

    I have to admit I'm disappointed to note it is no longer supported by the newest Firefox.

    But I'll keep you in my legacy list and hopefully you'll update this add on so it can be used once more.
  • Please make it work with the new Firefox.
  • I love your extension. Can you please launch it for the new firefox as well? thanks
  • Programa excelente. Uso o tempo todo. Abre os links de imagens e páginas automaticamente e salva tudo.
  • Oh dear, how I miss this Add on in Firefox Quantum!
    There are some add ons that do similar things, some even copy things like the filter options but none of them is as good as the real thing.
    Best and most useful extension EVER! We need it as a web extension for Firefox Quantum, even if it is a work in progress with limited features, PLEASE!