An excellent basic bulk image saver. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this add-on for a couple of years now and consider it part of my "essential" browsing experience. Anyone who cruises image boards or blogs would be well served to have this extension. I see some negative reviews but can't help but to wonder the extent that they are PEBKAC / 1d10t errors. The add-on is quite feature rich, very straightforward and fairly robust. I have it set up so that I hit a hotkey and it saves all the images in all the tabs to the right of the current tab. Surfing through image boards I can quickly find myself saving files by the thousands without much real effort on my part. I think I have saved about a quarter to a half million images with this tool in a year. With this add-on it is easier to save the files than it is to figure out what you have saved.

I would love to see two very minor improvements though. Right now you can open all the visible image links in a tab and THEN choose to save them. A way to skip this step would be nice: Hit a hotkey and it just goes and saves all the images it currently can without taking the step of opening them in a tab. Currently when you open a large folder of images if it is too many or too large of images it can seriously slow your system down and/or crash it when you run out of RAM. If it just saved the files without viewing them the number of items resident in RAM at a given moment could be severely cut down.

Similarly I would love to see a feature / mode of the plug-in that just automatically saves EVERY image that fits the save specifications without being prompted.

I guess I would also like to be able to decode the error messages it pops up and be able to warn me if the add-on is not finished saving files when I go to exit FF but those are minor items.

At any rate a lovely plugin. I have tried to replace / supplement it with other bulk image saving methods with nothing else being as convenient as this one.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (