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please consider my suggestions.

----6 Essential Functions for an Image Saving Add-on----

1. It must allow defining multiple folders as destination folder and these folders will show in the context menu.
2. It must allow setting rules for renaming the image file (as in "save image in folder" add-on)
3. It must allow using clipboard content for renaming the file (as in "save image in folder" add-on)
4. It must allow each destination folder to have its own renaming rules (as in "save image in folder" add-on)
5. It must find out the the type of the image even it is named as "unknown.ext"
6. It must allow user to have a "save button" or "save toolbar" when hoovering the image. (as in "image fetcher" and "image toolbar" add-ons)

i hope the author can improve the add-on by including my suggestions.

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