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I know guidelines say not to post bug reports here, but I've found no place else to report this: 0.5.1 does not work with Firefox 3.5 - it locks up the browser, even after uninstall/reinstall. And, FF 3.5 won't allow 0.5.2 to install at all.
I've been happy using this add-on prior to FF 3.5, so I am hoping a fix will come soon... & please add a bug report link. ;)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5.2). 

Save Images & FF 3.5

I am aware of Save Images not responding in versions of FF greater than 3.0.11. Saving of images still is working, its when opening the Options that FF takes 10-15 seconds for the Options to open. But this only seems to occur if the Windows XP theme has been changed to something other than the default XP style theme eg Windows classic. If anyone else can confirm this, I would appreciate it.
I do not have anywhere else where bugs can be reported, but feel free to send me emails to plashcor@gmail.com.