239 reviews for this add-on
  • Please update this add on. I am willing to pay for this one. Really missing it
  • Please update! This add-on is so great.
  • This was an exceptionally useful extension that I relied upon. It made saving images directly to a chosen folder utterly simple. There's nothing else available that matches that capability. Please update it to be compatible with v57 -- even if you need to charge a fee.
    Why is ever other add-on similar to this require coding where this was just SO SIMPLE and I could SAVE TO OTHER DRIVES!!!!
  • Update please!
  • Would also love to see this get ported to firefox 57 if possible. So far this seems to be the only extension of this type.
  • pls update for FF57!!!
  • Genau was ich gesucht habe :) Bitte schnell ein Update um Kompatibilität mit Quantum herzustellen ..
  • Please upgrade to the new version of Firefox. The substitute with the same name does not even come close to the qualities of that version.
  • Love this addon!
    I hope there will be an update for Firefox 57+!
    There is no other addon to replace it with all its features!
  • Good! Please upgrade!!!!!
  • Удобно и практично.
  • Don't know if this one has been abandoned or not since I see no updates on it since 2015, but if it ain't, it'd be great if it could be upgraded to 57 Quantum. If possible, ofcourse. I don't know anything about the API restrictions or how to program. But as a digital artist, this addon was great to save reference images to specified folders without having to browse around in the "Save as..." windows.
  • It does what it says. That's great.
  • This add-on has always been with me since I used Firefox.
    Unfortunately this is incompatible since version 57, and I am using the 'Save In...' add-on as an alternative.
  • There is indeed no add-on like this. For that reason I hope - no, pray! - that it will be updated to function in Firefox 57 when it drops support for legacy add-ons.

    I can live wihout many add-ons I use daily, but this one I simply couldn't browse the web without.
  • Nice addon..
    Request: please add option to move the "save" menu entry to very top of content menu (similar to how "Context Menu Image Saver" does it).
  • Incredibly useful - one of the reasons I stay with FF. Except that Achim needs to update it for multiproc and the new FF.
    Pretty please . . .
  • There's no extension like this!
  • One of the addons that made the Firefox the ONLY browser.
    It will be missed after FF 56 will be released.
  • La usaba antes, pero al formatear mi equipo la perdí y no recordaba su nombre (LOL) pero que bueno que la encontré de nuevo
  • This add-on is almost essential to anyone performing research and those looking to save time.
    That said, it currently lacks support for Firefox's multiprocess feature (which is a boon to all tab hoggers out there).
    It is a shame that it also appears to be abandoned. :(
  • Good addon, many option to choose precisely what you want, keep file or delete if already exist, many path to the directory ...

    But since firefox 53 the is a bug that affect tab title bar, the label does not update when this extension is loaded.
  • Отличное дополнение, пользуюсь много лет. Но недавно слетели настройки, а восстанавливать пути к 20+папок долго и нудно. Есть ли способ сохранения и восстановления настроек в случае крэша?
  • This is my favorite app by quite a large margin. the only thing that could make it better would be to implement a shortcut key to erase (basically undo) the last image saved.