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  • i love it. for use this extention i never update my firefox. PLEASE UPDATE for FF Quantum.
  • The best. But PLEASE UPDATE for FF Quantum.
  • I wish this would be updated for Firefox 57+, I know currently the functionality is not possible though.

    This add-on was one of my most used add-ons, being able to quickly set a download folder is very handy.
  • Please someone update this addon for current Firefox versions. Miss it.
  • good
    This use to be the absolutely most useful application on the internet for any browser. Right now if you want use it, you'll have to use an outdated version of Firefox because the current Firefox has irreparably broken this due to it not allowing apps to access anything outside of the default downloading folder. This is horseshit, and I suggest you complain to Firefox if you have the same issue with companies reducing the quality of their browser under the asinine guise of "for ur own good duhhh".
    I made an account right now solely to bitch about this, and I hope at some point in the future firefox gets its head out of its ass.

    This app made saving work go from taking a second maximum to taking a solid 10 seconds if you have to navigate folders for separate images. Right Click >>> Save As... isn't even as quick, and boy does it make saving porn and reference material in bulk harder than it has any right to be. If you save a lot of pictures this is absolutely the best add-on to have. I'm using Waterfox, and it's significantly an older version of Firefox, but it still doesn't work. Worked fine on Palemoon so I'm guessing you have to go back quite a ways to get it to function at all. Fuck Firefox, bunch of Soros funded panty-wastes.
  • This is one of two extensions that make me leave my firefox on version 56. I wish it was also made for other browsers. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this extension. Amazing job!
  • Very big thank you!! Very good addon
  • Excelente addon por favor actualizarlo...
  • You need to quit just stopping support for add-ons that we love and need. There is absolutely no add-on that lets you select different folders on different drives for different files...you're supposed to be moving forward. Ridiculous! Pissed I updated FF now!
  • Please update this for Firefox quantum!
  • The best add-on I've ever used, for any browser, ever. I will update as soon as I can use it again.
  • Its sooooo good. But it's terrible that it no longer is compatible with FF! ;_;
  • Please make it work with new Firefox! Ppl can't live without this magical addon (
  • Great add-on, really helpful, can you add an option to show only the actual folder name in the recent menu and not all the path, it would also be great to port this to quantum
  • It was such a time saving add-on. It would be great to have this compatible with Firefox Quantum! I really loved it.
  • PLEASE UPDATE FOR QUANTUM! This add-on was so time-saving. I really would love to have aversion that works with the new, super-slick version of Firefox.
  • No longer updated for new Firefox. Epic fail!
  • Awww man :( not compatable with firefox 57.0 i need this and then this happends.. Please Update this ASAP. Its a must for my work..
  • Works perfectly. Hope it will be continued as a Web Extension?
  • One of the most useful addons. I use to organize images that I download from pages.

    Unfortunately, not working (v 2.5.5) on Firefox 55 with e10s/multiprocessing. Please update! Thank you.
  • This used to to be a 5-star app, and I used it all the time, but it's been completely broken for months.
  • its good but it doesn´t work anymore with enabled multiprocessing !!!
  • Don't know why other users are having problems making this addon work, because I just installed it on the latest version of Firefox (53.0.2) and it works perfectly. And I can definitely see this addon making my life easier. LOVE IT!!!
  • Would give this 5 big stars, except it unknown to me, stopped working possibly a month ago. The context menu is still there and it LOOKS like it is downloading but it's not. I've done several experiments and nothing. Using with FF 51.0.1 This used to be an AMAZING add on! Saw another poster with same issue. Is there a fix? Using v2.5.5 Thanks in advance!