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71 reviews for this add-on
  • This extension is awesome!

  • Out of the box it does not work all the time best but slow is the 2nd search option because its able to find linked 3rd party image hosts and you need to set at least the minimum image size in filters ( I use 60000 )Some sites have image sets split over multi pages so it would be handy to be able to queue downloads

  • Works very good, never had any problems using it

  • It downloads the images in form of thumbnails and not the original size. Its useless really !!!

  • worked for me, had to save 700 images. creates a zip-archive in the download directory.

  • 감사합니다.

  • Endlich eine teilweise Ablösung für DownThemAll. Leider werden Session-Coockies nicht übernommen und damit Bilder aus einem CMS mit Anmeldung nicht gespeichert, sonder der HTML-Code der Anmeldeseite.
    Bitte diese Funktion hinzufügen - Danke!

  • working and easy to use, just downloaded 126 images from one webpage in seconds.

  • Don't work well and you can't name the downloaded pages.

  • Waste of your time, doesn't do what you think it does.

  • Worthless. set-up is too confusing and, considering I can only download 1 or two images at a time, I can right-click an image and save it faster. I need an image downloader that can download 50 to 100 images at a time

  • It works...okay. The ad-on lacks some very basic customization which means it only meets the bare minimum of user needs. Which is to say, it does download all images as they appear on the page, and you can direct it to where you want them saved.

    Some -very basic- options that need to be added to this app are: A) I'm sure some users prefer zip folders, but it should be optional; B) The add-on should have its own separate (configurable) default folder. Having to navigate through my folders every time to avoid having this save to the same place as all my other files is probably the most irritating aspect, but better than moving files after the fact or changing my default folder so all my normal downloads go to an inconvenient location.

    Honestly, the ONLY reason I'm rating it this high is it is currently the ONLY extension that does this job. There was at least one other for 57+, but it was all in mandarin (yet worked better) and has since been removed fromt he store.

  • Might be good if i could run it

  • Just work and convenient features! (regular exp, etc)

  • excelente

  • Ottimo

  • Not even an alpha state of readiness. Extremely slow, Doesn't work.

    Downloads (silently) cancel when they like, downloads are frequently bogus (far fewer images in zip than on page), etc. Not even close to worth using.

  • Awesome! Really helpfull!

  • Nice app very easy to use.

  • Does the job well, has many useful options, it's no Down Them All, may it rest in peace, but a really good replacement!

  • A great image downloader with heaps of customizable options ! Works very well once you know how...
    Remember to tick the filter boxes so they are active in the image search and consider what file & image sizes you require. Saving the images to a zip file is a nice touch too.

  • Download window doesn't fit in screen on Xiaomi Mi6. Please fix it

  • Does what it promises but it's generally bad.
    Only good if you want to download a lot of pictures from ONE tab. If you have multiple tabs you want to download from, then this is garbage for you.
    It's slow and saves as a .zip file.

    Also, why does this need a permission to "Access your data for all websites"? It shouldn't.

  • Beautiful Add on. Thanks for your time and commitment in making a great addon. Hope to see it being more and more perfected ha

  • It is perfect aside from one problem.
    ONE BIG PROBLEM: its downloading thumbnails