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  • to those complaining about it not working in newest Thunderbird: TB now comes with instant messsaging built-in :)
  • Sameplace R.I.P.?
  • I had a lot of fun with this add on when firefox wasn't at this update. I really would like it to be compatible with the newest update.
  • I was just searching for this type of extension (to add GTalk to my thunderbird) unfortunatelly, it will not work with Thunderbird 3.x ... can we expect a new version for TB 3.x ?
  • Very useful application.
    Please update for TB3
  • Are there any plans for webcam integration?
  • This sounds like *exactly* what I need in FF. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to connect to my Jabber servers at all.
  • How in the WORLD can up have updated this on the 25th of January and NOT made this work for Thunderbird v3. - time for another update.
  • It's a shame this extension is no longer supported! It's very, very useful!
    Please update it for TB3!
  • It works in FF3 but doesn't connect in TB2.0.0.23. Also cannot find any SP button or menu item in TB. What's worst: cannot find any useful beginners guide. The whole thing was a nice idea but turns out rather dissappointing to me.
  • I couldn't use this with TB3 b2... I only use this on TB.. It was very useful.... Please update for TB3.

  • All messaging in one place! Fantastic.
  • Did not work even once. Needed it for twitter and Jabber. Jabber is not there, twitter is so slow it never connected (I went out for lunch and back and it was not connected).
  • The fact that I can't change my icon is why this didn't get 5 stars. Also I want to know why it takes so long for my twitter account to load?
  • Very useful.
  • ty very nice
  • Great extension,but how can i change my avatar ,it looks lamp,and in my country this icon is politic so i dont want to show it,
  • Great Extension, Great integration with firefox and also the possibility to attach scripts it gives the extension a 6 starts.
  • porreiro! estar a navegar e ver os contactos ao mesmo tempo.
  • I have been looking for something like this FOR DAYS. Great chat client that works completely within a sidebar. I like the mini-sidebar option too. Seems to work fine with Flock. You guys need more publicity. SIX STARS.
  • Крутой крутой крутой плагин :) Устанавливайте и наслаждайтесь.
  • This program is great for Thunderbird, I now blame it for making me uninstall gTalk. I can access all my gtalk contacts from one app. Love it.
  • First, I want to credit the work and effort put into creating add-ons like this for FireFox and Thunderbird -- great job!

    When that's said, I want to emphasize that SamePlace seems a little unmature, lacking features that I find quite important for my own use. Here we go:

    Logging in/out is not an option in any menu. (Is staus offline the same as logged off?)

    I have not found any logging. This is pretty annoying for me, especially combined with the fact that chat windows tend to close unintendedly (maybe it's a keyboard shortcut I use, which closes them.) I would prefer the program to reload the previous conversation with the same contact the next time I open a dialogue with him/her. Also, I would prefer a timestamp to be logged with each submission in the dialogue.

    For those of us who use both Firefox and Thunderbird; Don't install this add-on in both programs! This cause them to argue slightly, and I find it disturbing. (See also next issue, which is related.)

    When I first installed SamePlace, I forgot myself and clicked "Install now" in my browser. Hence, the program was installed in Firefox. Hoever, I wanted it in Thunderbird, since I find this collaborative tool to be more related to e-mail and communication. I then installed in Thunderbird and tried to uninstall in Firefox. The latter, though, is not working. To me, it seems to be no way of uninstalling SamePlace effectively from the browser.

    All in all, I will return to Trillian as my preferred chat application because it supports the main chat protocols that I need, the logging and history is very good, the usability and windows are very good and it's very stabile.

    If SamePlace is improved and coming in new versions, however, I'll definitely try it again!
    You opened a ticket at http://dev.hyperstruct.net/xmpp4moz/ticket/76 on Sep. 30 at 9:13PDT and most of these points were addressed the same day less than twenty minutes later. I'll report them also here for reference. The sense opening a ticket and then ignoring it does, however, escape me.



    You didn't specify what you mean by "arguing", neither here nor in the ticket; I assume you mean that both cannot connect at the same time. If that is the case, as pointed out, you simply assign different Resources to the accounts (e.g. "Firefox" and "Thunderbird" instead of "SamePlace" in both programs).


    You installed the SamePlace and xmpp4moz. You're still seeing the menus because you only uninstalled SamePlace. You also need to uninstall xmpp4moz (again, as pointed out).

    Regarding 2, that is correct, conversations are not logged currently.
  • Very nice work.
    This is one of the add-ons that really exites me because of the positive implication that this may bring to a corporate environment. Truly thunderbird became a messaging platform. I hope this add-on will continue to develop and mature.
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