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  • ... have to alert the user that news and news came and must have a system that checks for web addresses that have extensions ending with .xml, .rss and .atom in your bookmarks so that the user can import from another aggregator that just uninstall .

  • Wait for a firefox 3.5 support...

  • are there any plans to update this for ff 3.5 b4?

  • Love this.I can read all my news blogs with out the cluttered images and advertisements present in the original source.
    I don't have to minimize my firefox window in the office! This is a HUGE deal for me.

    One thing though, it lets one add the same feed multiple times. if only that was fixed.

    -Great add-on 'The Sage Team'!

  • I love this add-on! It is nice, easy to use, and works well enough for me. :)

  • no pues este bien chido apart de que es rapido es muy eficiente a mi me funciona muy bien t lo recomiendo so originales sus aplicaciones

  • Very simple and useful plugin, however I would like to see the date/time stamp for each RSS news in the tooltips window along with the contents.
    I am sure this is simple to implement. Would it be possible ?

  • C'est le meilleur lecteur RSS pour firefox que je connaisse

  • Its great. Could use little improvements here and there, but over all great. I use it all the time.

  • I've been using this for a few years now... I couldn't function without it. This shouldn't be an add-on, it should be standard functionality.

  • BAD : Adblock plus not blocking advertising in sage page, and can cause severe security

    GREAT : So I move to sage-too


    see : https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=19993

  • Wonderful, but may I suggest a popup window for informing the user about new feed updates?

  • Clean, simple and affective

  • If you just want a simple RSS reader as you don't have too many sites to feed, this is the most suitable tool for you.

    But if you are more advanced user or have so many sites to keep track of, then you may need other alternatives.

    Anyway, this tool serves its purpose well: fast and light.

  • great programs. Firefox is the best i can do more with it than ever. one bad thing only that is addons they are the best but they need to be updated. i recommend Firefox.

  • Like many I switched to Sage-Too ("Sage, the other one") by obligation when Firefox 3 appeared. Although Sage updated, I sticked with Sage-Too since it was on and working. Now I have problems with Sage-Too (some feeds just don't renew [?] ), so I tried this latest Sage (The original) version 1.4.2 and it is doing just swell, so I'm keeping it. A very simple logic.

  • The best.......updates are a little slow but they caught up with FF 3.0 in timely fashion

  • One question, in Firefox 3, how do I get the links to open up in separate tabs? Cheers!

  • При слабой скорости Интернета, очень медленно открывает, к тому же требуется постоянные доступ в сеть, в режиме оффлайн ничего не посмотреть.

  • Great pluggin !

    One little bug after the release of FF3.0, if you use the skin nasa night launch you will have black text over a black background in the sage RSS list. A little fix and I can continue to use it for ages :D

    Thanks for this pluggin !

  • Can you both guys (sage and sage-too) once and for all be a good open-source team and work together!? What's the sense of having to branches (both active right now!) with exactly the same objective? I feel like a child forced to chose between his divorced parents.

  • Still a good rss reader, although it's late to be updated.
    Finally compatible with FX3 when mozilla launch the final release.

  • Неплохая замена стандартной убогой rss. Но неплохо было бы сделать отображение новостей в один ряд.

    ПЫЗЫ: Может есть расшерение rss похожее на читалку в Opera?

  • Like the simplicity and funcationality. One of the best readers out there.

  • - With portable Firefox Sage loses always the relative path to the customized css-file. Is it possible do fix?

    I wish me a read/unread button (like in brief)

    Thanks guys. great work!