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  • I miss Sage/Sage++ then I have made a similar extension called Drop Feeds available here :

  • L'extension a été rebootée ici https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/drop-feeds/ avec le même principe de fonctionnement mais une ergonomie forcement différente
  • Many years using this add on, and was very disappointing to see that it won't be updated for Firefox 57+, fortunatelly I've found a replacement that works, it's called Brief!
  • I am reverting to FF 56 only because of this addon.
  • The awesomiest RSS reader I'm aware of. This (and all but 10 out of 37 extensions I use) is a reason to not use FF57 anytime soon.
  • Just perfect to manage and read my rss. Simple, lite. Thanks a lot. I will really appreciate as Web Extension on Firefox Quantum.
  • Excellent, very much missing in Quantum.
  • Sage is amazing for RSS Feed. Now having Firefox Quanttum I really miss it. I hope there will be an update
  • same advice as others: when compatible with "quantum" ?
  • until Firefox 57 it was the best addon, it will udpade?
  • The best Firefox plugin that does not work on FF 57, thanks for the next update
  • The best RSS reader for Firefox. Have been using it since the first release. Wait for FF57 update. Ready to pay for this extension
  • Please make webextension of this addon!!! Please!!!
  • When you use browser's user sync function, it creates new sage bookmark folder on every browser.
  • See title. Thank you. :(
  • Like Mr_Orange, my toolbar was wiped out upon installation. I used to use this but, after the toolbar was wiped, I never tried the extension, not sure what else would happen. I don't appreciate software messing with my layouts, etc.
  • Really glad to see further updates to Sage.

    I noticed that my toolbar got reset upon installation such that the only button on the toolbar was the Sage button. All others had been removed.

    Are you considering migrating to a webextension type add-on so that Sage will keep working beyond version 57?
  • The developer is reponsive and the add-on now works as it should for FF54.
  • giving the extension below 5 starts for a short glitch. You will end up in hell unless you donate the author a few bucks
  • I am so thankful and grateful. Time to donate.
  • While I have nothing against this addon except for the fact that it relies on Bookmarks to store feed, so like all other FF RSS addons, it too chokes (makes FF hang) with FF sync.

    (this crappy forum doesnt allow me to edit my own review)
  • I installed this addon and all my firefox set up was messed up completely !,for exemple the 3 bars option disapeared, everything disapeared, I had to go into the menu with alt button
    ok and even after I removed this addon, all the other addons were kind of corrupted, I had to disable and reinstall one by one because they were conflicting with each others (? but they were okay before I installed the addon)
    It took me a couple of hours to set my firefox straight after this
  • I really do enjoy using this plugin. I use it constantly but it annoys the HELL out me when it auto checks all the bloody time. And unless I want to install a dev build of Firefox I can no longer manually remove the auto-check code and still use the add-on because of Firefox's stupid signed add-ons crap.
  • Hi Peter. I'm beta testing firefox 51. It's not working.
    Works fine on the regular firefox.
  • Из-за вашего приложения приходится запускать Браузер из безопастного режима. (Написать в терминале: firefox --safe-mode)
    - Вы подставляете своих пользователей, я вижу что не один такой. Чуть все закладки не потерял + настройки и плагины. (исправляйте свои баги)

    Because your application has to run the browser from the Safety Mode. (Write in the terminal: firefox --safe-mode)
    - You substitute what their users, I see that it is not the only one. Almost all the bookmarks are not lost + settings and plug-ins. (Fix bugs)