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Neither SafeHistory 0.8 nor 0.9 (http://crypto.stanford.edu/SafeHistory/stanford-safehistory-0.9.xpi) are working for me with FF 3.6.13 after making the trick to allow them to be installed on FF 3.x versions. Both are breaking browser history by ceasing to add items to history list, or at least not showing.
Update is needed for FF 3.6.x and upper 3.x verions!
(It probably works fine for FF 3.x versions lower than 3.6.x but I haven't checked. FF 4.x and upper versions doesn't need SafeHistory feature at all).

Also SafeHistory have exactly the same flaw for FF versions > 2.x, with Cookies section in Options->Privacy, than SafeCache addon. You can find a description and a fix for it in my reviews https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/safecache/reviews/user:5280876