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  • Estava atrás feito louco de uma extensão que faz o trabalho que está aqui faz. Se pudesse dar 1000 estrelas eu daria. Gostaria que o desenvolvedor atualizasse para versão que funcione nas novas versões do Firefox (já estou a um ano usando Firefox antigo porque ainda não foi lançado a versão para as novas versões do Firefox).
  • I would give this extension a rating of 5 except for one very annoying feature. When this add-on is active, it is impossible to edit bookmarks. The right click menu does not function. It is necessary to to disable the add-on, which causes you to have to restart Firefox. Then you can edit the bookmark. Then you have to enable the add-on, which causes you to have to restart Firefox again. It is extremely annoying when you need to edit bookmarks. Otherwise, the add-on works beautifully.
  • Never figured out how to get it installed and no support available. I'm sure it's a great add-on, but I won't be contributing until I can get it to work.
  • Excellent on Firefox ESR.
  • In the addon's privacy policy states that "If user consent is given, this add-on will show advertising on web pages." This is false as the advertisement option is ON by default, not op-in as implied in the description.
  • This extension works perfectly in the latest Pale Moon and I love it! Can you please help us by hosting it at the Pale Moon site? Mozilla plans to remove all XUL addons from this site, soon (June 2018). Also, please try to do the same for the latest XUL versions of your other extensions.
    Thank you so much for this, we appreciate your work very much!
  • Menu Wizard brings so much critical and much needed functionality to thunderbird that this thing should be standard on all installs. It's too valuable to be an add-on as too many users don't know what they are missing. Easily the most valuable addon you can install
  • Perfect add-on. I have many menu items to remove. :) Thank you very much for your work! :)
  • Extremely disappointed that Menu Wizard hasn't yet been made compatible with Quantum! I keep checking back and as a last resort keep looking for an alternative, but Menu Wizard was perfect. Several items I'd remove on menus right off if had my beloved Menu Wizard back.
  • ¿Puedes añadir compatibilidad con Firefox Quantum (v57+)?
    sorry, no
  • i must admit this addon is a great one, almost everything works.
    pretty good impression until i have read the comments about the adverts/adware. after a quick investigation, i decided to create an account to tell you guys what i have found so far.

    the developer mentioned "Version 5.07; Released March 29, 2017 3-d party JavaScript-advertising has been deleted from add-on" 7 mths ago, it could be true since i didnt find any other third party js. unfortunately, i can still find codes related to the advert things like, under some circumstances, it might post some data to another server, perhaps for those who opted to see the adverts (by default and for outdated versions).

    i have not read the policies here so i cant comment it is legal or not, or whether the developer is right to do so. however IMHO it's better to inform the users about this before installing this addon

    anyway, i think it's really a good addon and it's up to the users to install it or not.
  • Hello, i really miss this addon for Firefox, so i use Waterfox, as for so many other awesome addons that stopped the developement aftr 57. Will you consider to update it for Quantum anyway?
    Unfortunately, WebExtensions (the new API for Firefox 57+) does not have the functionality for the correct operation of this addon in Firefox.
  • Working on Basilisk 2018.01.05
    Also works on Pale Moon.
    It is great to tweak the menus to be what I want. Makes me wish such functionality was a part of all applications.
  • Outstanding extension marred by 'optional' advertising that re-enabled itself in two separate browser profiles, which went unnoticed until ESET recently added it to its database as JS/Adware.Revizer.

    Three stars as I suspect this was a glitch rather than the developer's intention. Regret not donating before the adware crept in, due to persistent, previously-reported PayPal errors when attempting to donate via Mozilla's links (affecting all add-ons).
  • I find helpful if not vital to be able to tailor the menu(s) as I need them and NOT as some developer has decide they should
    be. I work in a different way as most of people and as most software developers thinks I should work.

    I find the decision to basically 'remove' all addOns really Not intelligent and at a certain point I may decide to move to a different browser.
    The only things that it seems firefox want to support is the 'graphic' extentions in terms of adding flower to the background....
  • I will not use Firefox without this extension so I have gone back to Firefox 56 and no longer check for updates.
  • This is ADWARE. Dont install it. In the settings page i saw the advertisement option ENABLED BY DEFAULT. This addon subverts user expectations, and I suspect it violates Mozilla policy. How the hell did it get approved by Mozilla in the first place, i have no idea. I feel betrayed. Here is the privacy policy for the addon :

    "If user consent is given, this add-on will show advertising on web pages.
    In that case, the user's browsing history can be accessed by a third party (ad network).

    But we don't collect cookies, password, e-mails or any other confidential info.
    Only the domains (not full URLs) of the web-sites visited and nothing else."

    To repeat and summarize :

    - The app SHARES YOUR BROWSING HISTORY with 3rd PARTY ad networks whom we don't know.
    - App modifies web pages to show these ads.
    - Even if we can trust Mozilla and addon author how can we trust these 3rd party ad networks?
    - Ads are enabled by default. No user consent was given by me.

    At the very least the ads should be opt-in not opt-out. Mozilla should pull this from the store.
  • "Thank you for installing Menu Wizard" tab every time I open FF. It's an excellent addon... but, please, don't keep thanking me.
  • About this extension
    Unfortunately, WebExtensions (the new API for Firefox 57+) does not have the functionality for the correct operation of this addon in Firefox.
    So this addon will no longer work with the release of Firefox 57 in November 2017!
    This is the inevitable change in Firefox - all Xul-addons will die out in Firefox 57
  • Waiting for Mozilla's updates
  • Hi, Oleksandr.
    Here from Brazil.
    I just want to add my voice and THANK YOU for your EXCELLENT WORK with the marvelous MENU WIZARD, one of the best addons for firefox. I am missing it a lot...
    Hope you all the best!!! Thank you!!!
  • its very usefully,thanks.
  • Waiting for the UPDATE for Firefox 57
  • Please Upgrade For FireFox 57 Or Crate New Ver Of This Extension
  • I really miss it.Please,please,try and update it! :-)
    Screengrab now in Firefox 57